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  1. At this point i get more entertainment out of that than half the block's lineup itself.
  2. Quite happy with DBS' current performance post-premiere, even normies have to be sick and tired of it. Fuck airing reruns as block starters
  3. If only. In a perfect world we'd get a Toonami co-funded adaption of Soul Eater Brotherhood & Bleach via final arc...
  4. Nah, it ain't a hit like season 1 was but most of the fandom are pretty much shifted to the manga/streaming train. Not much of a reason to watch on a block airing the dub weeks later than the sub.
  5. Yup. Wit Studio pretty much fucked up in the management department and it shows, it's almost night & day compared to Bones' treatment towards MHA.
  6. It'll never happen, and honestly it's for the best. OP anime sucks compared to the manga.
  7. It prints money, you can say the same ahout Dragon ball yet here we are.
  8. Believe it or not, that’s about double our competition at that time. And we only need to do better than our competition. As far as One Piece, keep in mind that it wasn’t just the ratings- it was the cost. One Piece is a massive hit in Japan and it doesn’t come cheap. Beyond that, as I’ve said like 1000 times, let US worry about ratings! Trust me, we are fine. https://ask.fm/Clarknova/answers/148696080361?utm_source=tw_share_own_ar&shareBy=Clarknova#_=_ Welp
  9. That didn't help OP in the long run and it doubtful the method would work here regardless of being shorter & already in HD.
  10. Yeah i saw that too, i like the guy but lately I've been feeling that the constant pessimism around Toonami in general really got to him.
  11. Yeah i really can't subcribe to the thought of little to no one requesting for more FLCL, demand certainly existed.
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