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Rukia Kuchiki Fan Club (Mark Spoilers... If You Feel Like It)


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You knew this was coming sooner or later.  With these boards more consolidated, traffic has increased, along with fan interaction and intermingling.  AD and OA, anime in general, effectively merged, with some Toonami spill-over, as well.  Nows as good a time as any to revive ye old fan clubs!  And who better to start than the lovely snow angel Rukia!


Mark spoilers, please.  I know there's probably not many people here who followed Bleach who didn't finish the manga, but there's bound to be somebody.  The way I see it, just mark manga spoilers.  Anything else is fine.


Actually, not really imperative.  Mark them if you feel like it.  Don't if you don't want to.


  Without further ado...

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Rukia isn't a loli...  And that troll pairing was abysmal.  Also felt unnatural since the relationships came out of nowhere and the manga had been so loveless all this time.  I would have preferred no relationships at the end if Kubo wasn't going to build them up and develop them more.  How can you have a no romance stance/rule for the entirety of the manga, then pull that at the end?  But at least Rukia and Renji's relationship had some build up.  Ichigo having any romantic feelings for Orihime came out of nowhere.

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