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Despite criticism, DeMarco deems Ninja Kamui a success, hints at Season 2

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I’m pretty sure Demarco has claimed every original so far has done great, his bosses were super excited about it, and S2 was possible. Then 3 of them got written off, so I don’t think Demarco is a good source on how the originals perform. 

Plus, I have seen my fair share of 1 cour anime originals, and this one has all the markings of a single season show, right down to showing the title card in the last few seconds. A new season would essentially be an entirely different show because all the major plot threads were resolved for the cast already. 

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Ninja Kamui 2: The Adventures of Hacker Demarco.

Also, I bet you anything he claimed there wouldn't be any more FLCL sequels after Grunge and Shoegaze in an attempt to save them from the lacking mercy of Zaslav's almighty pen.

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