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Black Clover Page 159



Nobody made a thread for Yasha-Hime, Food Wars, or Black Clover?  What the heck happened?!  

I'm not getting on the computer the fix the font either.

Anyway, I found this cool picture someone did of the time skip color spread in the anime's art style.  Though Nero still has her manga character design for some reason.

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For some reason, Charmy, who had tagged along with Asta and the others to train in the Heart Kingdom, keeps trying to eat up all of the food in the Heart Kingdom. Asta tries to take her back and goes to the forest where Charmy is last seen. Meanwhile, Yuno is contacted by Sister Lily and heads back to his home village of Hage. There, he finds...

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7 minutes ago, CorbeauKarasu said:

again. i'm sick of finral's new leaf. i liked him before. and i get devotion but he's bad at it. i'm not for this liminal space where he's enthralled by everyone, but tormented by his vows

I'm just disappointed he's going for Finnes instead of Vanessa.

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