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I usually get way more hours of gameplay out of a game than advertised.


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"There's like 80 hours worth of gameplay here"

*300 hours later I'm still playing*

It's because I'm lost.

I'm fucking lost.

I've been stuck at this one part for like three days. Every time I go on I spend easily an hour backtracking my steps, studying the map, trying to figure out how to get where the game wants me to go from here.

Last night I tried looking up a walkthrough, but it's for the entire planet, not just this single hallway. And it's 2 hours long.

I try skipping ahead but I'm so goddamn lost I can't recognize this hallway anywhere in the video.

So, stubborn determination it is. 

Can't just look up the answer, gotta find it on my own.

It'll be more satisfying that way, right?

Well last night I got it.

It was the door on the other end of the hallway.

Not especially satisfying but at least I finished the mission.


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not all gameplay hours are equal


the weekend The Wind Waker came out on gamecube, I spent the entire first day stuck in the market at the very beginning where you need to find a sail for your boat. this was 2002, pre-any sort of real-time internet help type stuff. the website was just an advertisement for the game and forum type stuff wasn't big yet.

there was one eskimo dude standing between two wood structures under a staircase, and when I'd walk up to him he would say something like 'talk to me over there' which didn't make any sense. it took me the entire day to figure out (by accident, probably because I noticed the tooltip pop up when i walked close enough) that he wanted me to talk to him across the wood thing instead of face to face, because it was actually a shop counter. then he sells you his sail for a pittance and the main adventure begins.

The Wind Waker Walkthrough - Windfall Island - Zelda Dungeon

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I have 2,219 hours logged in Fallout: New Vegas. That game keeps me coming back for more and more. There's so many ways to finish it, DLCs and all. I've done some vanilla runs, then went in with mods (I'm on PC). Most of the mods I downloaded and installed were weapons and armor. There's some cut content I restored with other mods (i.e., the Ultra Luxe fountain, alliance between Mr. House and the Brotherhood of Steel). I have mods that let you bring DLC companions into the Mojave Wasteland with you. And there's a mod that removes the follower limit. There's another mod that lets you play as any of the tribals from the Honest Hearts add-on. Nearly every playthrough has been a mod test in its own right, but I complete most of them from Goodsprings to the DLCs to the battle for Hoover Dam. By now, I have my own M.O.: Do all the DLCs before the main quest. Hell, I even started Dead Money at level 1 once.

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