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6 new Bebop live action cast additions.


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Mao as a female kind of threw me off but she definitely has the right look. Gren is spot on imo. Tamara Tunie as Ana can probably work. The rest appear to be relatively  smaller roles that I don't remember being big parts of the original series, but look interesting none the less.

I'm cautiously optimistic, but would not be shocked if I ultimately end up hating the LA adaptation of one of my favorite all time animes.

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it's odd to me that they're bothering to be accurate in their casting of Gren by hiring a non-binary actor since they weren't accurate with Faye, and according to their own admission the show is going to have only a very minor resemblance to the original version if any

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1 hour ago, Jman said:

At least a crappy Bebop adaptation will just be badly acted and look bad.

I still maintain that I’m glad this isn’t an adaptation of Outlaw Star, which would have been a complete trainwreck.

are you just saying that because of them casting a queer person to play Gren or are your grievences with this adaption actually justified? 

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I’m saying most of those characters who were cast were in a handful of scenes in the original, and there isn’t hide or hair of Ed.  Which really tells you their priorities and sort of missing the point of Bebop’s story.  The central plot of Bebop takes a lot of time to breathe between episodes where Spike and friends are off dealing with the case of the week.  That’s the point, it’s more focused on the little cases as we get to know the characters than big revelations and a tight serial narrative.  Hell, that’s why the movie is the crew taking on another case before the big finale.

And they still haven’t casted the three old guys.

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