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i worte a ghostbusters fan-fic


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from the office of POTUS

forward to
United States Department of defense
United States Department of State
the U.S. joint chiefs of staff
Japanese self-defense forces headquarters
the office of the prime minister of japan

this document is classified
top secret

report from GHOSTBUSTERS inc.

dealing with the creature called Godzilla/Gojira and Godzilla jr/Gojira Junia Respectfully The actions of said creatures assistants were invaluable to complete the task we're contracted to do on the date of 10/31/1994 during the return of Gozer the Gozerian The events started to roll in motion weeks earlier The activities(paranormal) that we handle as a removal service were starting a popup again and events that caused said creatures to head for New York city
But those events were already documented in our reports to the local authorities but this is the Timeline of events that caused the death of the elder creature

09:00 creatures showed up in New York Harbor
09:01 panic was caused
09:15 local emergency services were mobilized
10:00 national Guard / military forces were mobilized
10:15 military forces made contact with said creatures
10:30 military forces failed at stopping creatures
11:00 creatures made contact with the entity Gozer the Gozerian gave them that the same offer that it gave me and my colleagues in 1984
11:05 specular creature of the same species as the other two creatures
11:10 elder and younger creatures attacked the specular creature
11:15 specular creature was victorious the younger creature was badly wounded rapidly healed both creatures ran off to the ocean
11:30 Specular creature rampage through most of the five boroughs
12:00 we got the call to do our job (who are you going to call)
12:15 we showed up to our location that we were called out to
12:20 the sky turn black has sathcolth
12:30 we engaged the specular creature
12:35 we have to withdraw from the engagement do we think our operational plans
13:00 creatures return do you engage the specular creature
13:15 the corporation chief scientific officer address to use our particle beams at the creatures to convert their radioactive breath beams into particle beams
14:00 we used our particle beams at the creatures and said creatures cross the beams, specular creature well vanished but the older creature perished in the process
In conclusion, the elder creature called Godzilla/Gojira but the younger one call Godzilla jr/Gojira Junia what's bully ground

Petter Venkman CEO GHOSTBUSTERS inc

comments from POTUS heroics of Godzilla was oddly miraculous
I wish there was an honor to give it but there was not
next to this who are youing to call?

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