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I'm still perplexed at the brief experiment walmart did with manga


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several years ago A Walmart I'd Usually go to...attempted an experiment to see if the shoppers were interested in manga

they seemed serious about it as they put a big manga labeled banner over head in the book section(with one punch man on it)and sold a wide array of manga from durarara to soul eater to attack on titan to death note and many others

if i ever saw manga previously it was just a few random volumes of something like naruto or bleach maybe....it was never that big or major

so this experiment took me by surprise....

it only lasted a couple months before they removed all manga and took down the one punch man banner

still it was weird while it lasted

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I remember years back when my walmart did a mistake and just had like 3 hentai DVDs in the anime section. As for manga the closest mine had ever gotten was that it stocks Jump Magazine and a few other anime magazines that have manga chapters in them.  I used to get manga at the comic book store near me, but now they only carry the most mainstream ones, and rarely update their stock on them. They will order volumes if you ask, but at that point I may as well just order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Speaking of which Barnes and Noble has gotten way too damn extreme with shrink wrapping their manga. Pretty much anything with gore or nudity is now wrapped up so you can't read it in the store. 

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