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Nostalgic feeling for Haruhi Suzumiya

Satou Kazuma

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So that feeling has led me on to looking up to buying the light novels and manga, only to hit a snag that some are out of print and expensive so far. But I'm willing to bite the bullet and get them since I never did finished reading the series. After that, I'll probably try to find the dvd series. Not sure if they converted the series into blu ray because I would buy that instead. And I'll probably look into buying the spin offs manga version too.

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Funimation appears to have taken the mantle on making the DVDs/BluRays along with some of the other Bandai properties, but some of the manga and novels look like they aren't coming back. 

That reminds me that I still need to see Disappearance. I was obsessed with the first season, but that second one left too much of a bad taste for me to check out any Haruhi stories afterwards.

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