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30 minutes ago, That_One_Guy said:

Lmao yep I get four chili burgers and a milkshake anytime I'm there because I'm a piece of shit

Best banana milkshakes, Chili fires, and order a pint of hotdog chili on the side because they screw me and give me mostly dry fries, I want that shit swimming! Kraut dog with mustard, chili dog, wedding soup, bean chili, or pasta chili, and the pink lemonade are my go to items not always at the same time though. My cousin used to work at the one up in Butler. I really wish the cranberry location still did breakfast. Used to go there for breakfast all the time when I was little. Had really good omelets. Never really cared for their burgers but my brother and parents always liked them. 

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My hot dog shoppe ted talk reminds me of how I think I talk vs how people in the area hear me and how I actually talk. 

Me - I talk normal lived here for 31 years 

How pittsburgh liberals hear me - I always wondered what the confederate flag would sound like if it could talk or anyone ever tell you that you sound like a Georgia plantation owner.Oh where am I from insert NY or Maryland, but I've gone to the university of pitt for 2 years so I'm pretty much a Pitts-Burger at this point ha ha, and none of my friends who also go to Pitt from other states have a pittsburgh accent like yours  

How pittsburgh conservatives her me - Did you used to live in Canduh? Jus shounds lhak you relly hit those vowels like I get when the wife brings in a chipped chop ham bbq made with Heinz ketchup (hard).  

How I sound the moment I say a single word in any other state - Jesus Christ you reek of Pittsburgh. I thought Pittsburgh dad accent was a joke. Why do you complain about leaving things open and who left things laying around so much? The fuck is a spigot?


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