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Reality Dependent Comedy


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I believe some things are funny regardless on if they're real or not and some things are only funny if they're real. Take the viral bird in the chocolate fountain image.  Hilarious before I discovered it was from Sandler's movie Jack and Jill. Same goes with satirical news sites.  The stories and articles found on the Onion can be funny regardless on if you know they're real or not.  Then take a headline like "Local Man Arrested After blaring "Benny Hill" Song Near People Slipping on Ice."  I would find it amusing if it actually happened but just isn't funny knowing it's fake.  Not to mention that I doubt somebody would get arrested for playing music in a parking lot.  I mean, come on.  That's just dumb.

This is particularly bothersome when it comes to political attack memes like ones using slanderous false information for humor.  I can call them out for being full of shit and people claim that, "It's still funny".  Is it?  Most of these are propaganda made to make people ignorant and then the fact that they're not true takes away from the humor.  This doesn't include the memes that are obviously parodies.




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