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General Content Ratings Thread 2.0: Same Principle, Different Format

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Getting back to a weekly pace.

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #7: I Can Do It By Myself (TV-PGD)


For starters, we have the usual Iketeru laughing at alternate terms for the penis, this time's terms in question being "bone" and "dong" - the latter of which he laughs at twice! - in response to his sister calling him a "bonehead" and "ding-dong" (also twice) respectively during an argument they're having. But the more subtle piece of dialogue that most might not have noticed was him wording his request for Utano to solve the situation by meeting with Mabui as "take my sister", to which Utano responds, "Ahh, you meant that way," after he clears it up, suggesting a slightly more sexual initial interpretation. Honorable mention of the moment is Usahara reacting to Uramichi's home-grown shiso leaves by claiming that growing "illegal-looking leaves" on his balcony is very risky. Profanity consisted of a single use of "sucks".

Magic Knight Rayearth #6: Lives at Stake: Presea's Weapons (TV-PG)


In a chronological sense, the PG set for this episode was a scene during the Magic Knights' fight with the giant-ass caterpillar monster summoned by Ascot, the token shota of Zagato's gallery of minions, where Hikaru slashes it with her sword, prompting a bright transparent red splash to emerge from the wound. Something that would count towards more if it were a human that got hit instead of the world's largest Caterpie, but still worth the mention since it looked like blood.

But overall, the true PG set for the episode is the tough fact that this episode, Presea dies. Seconds after finishing the girls' new weapons through a mix of interpretive dance and snaking parts of her toga around the Escudo they brought back, she gets crushed under some rubble from Adelante (the caterpillar monster, sic) crashing through her house, and despite hanging on long enough to see the weapons put to use and there being no blood, she expires from her injuries, with a later scene at what I presume is her burial site, based on the mound of dirt and sticks formed into a cross sticking out of it, confirming such.

I'm hoping Ferio survives his return next time, but considering Fuu tearing up is part of the next episode preview, I'm not exactly holding out hope for him either.

I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job. #12: I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Decided to Get a Job (TV-14SV)


SEXUAL SITUATIONS: At one point during the protags' ride to the Demon World entrance on Mt. Fuji Zerock (translation: Mt. Fuji if it were active), Raul is thrown face-first against Airi's chest, her nipples still outlined under her bodysuit as before, for which she chastises him for daring to use her breasts "as a cushion". It's a single use of dialogue in an episode otherwise devoid of it, so that line plus Raul's mild retort that it wasn't really much of a cushion (because she's a little small up there) were left out of contention for an additional subrating. Airi's bodysuit-clad nips get some extra screentime during the scene where she and Raul take out various monsters blocking their way into Demon World, in this case a close-up of them as she launches an attack at a giant in what my uncle and I swear is recycled animation from the first episode cold open. And finally, after managing to break her out of her "next demon lord" mental state, Fino's outfit indicative of the role shatters, leaving her both topless and butt-naked; her nipples visible in one or two shots, and her ass visible for a couple more.

INTENSE VIOLENCE: Also part of the recycled animation sequence from episode 1, Airi stabs the giant she faces off against in the eye, with bloody results. Not bloody but just as intense is Fino, in her "next demon lord" mental state, strangling Raul with both hands, with hands around neck and plenty of struggled chokes present throughout the few minutes in which it takes place.

Profanity consisted of one use of "hellish".

My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #20: I Had an Arranged Marriage Meeting... (TV-PG)


In a similar case to Rayearth, this was one where the overall PG set is different from the chronological PG set. For the former, there's the first of Nicol's marriage candidates passing out complete with nosebleed after he touches her forehead (to check for fever, naturally), and for the latter, it's arguable that Nicol's main reason for wanting to get over his crush on Catarina - not wanting to steal his good friend Geordo's girl - fits the bill, though I'm not sure if bride-stealing is a mature enough theme to really constitute a PG set, since it's not intrinsically adultery.


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The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 3: "A ball is resplendent, enjoyable, and..." - TV-PG (review post here)


Three up, three down.

This one was just a PG set or two. The big one was Mio saying her outfit was sexy, then Rika chiming by saying that the other two should sex themselves up by showing some skin around their bellies. Also worth mentioning is Miku appearing to have been beaten Yamcha-style, until the camera cuts to the spilled Jenga pile.

For our first screenshot, we have... oh dear. Look, I don't try to make these things have embarrassing moments, but this off-model Uzuki is hilarious and too good to resist. It helps that it's become somewhat of a meme itself in the fandom. Good thing they fixed it for the BDs. And for numero dos, some shenanigans backstage before Mika's concert.



Wonder Egg Priority #3: "A Bare Knife" - TV-14D


The suggestive dialogue comes from this week's new character Rika (no relation), first in the cold open where she talks about how the ugly monster who loves young women so much should get a prostitute, and then near the end when she sees the new monster tying up some idol fans, comparing it to S&M. The violence... well, let me explain my ratings choices so far. Episode 1 had a big shower of blood viewed from a distance, the kind of thing I think Poke would rate at least MA straight. But it was the worst violence in the episode, and I tend to rate blood splatters lower than some other ratings people would. The second episode was a similar deal, but the explosion was closer up, there was slightly more involved violence, and the rest of the episode was MA-level anyway. This time, the only blood to appear was on the face of Sachiko, a.k.a. Umibozu, our weekly Egg monster who's basically Squid Girl meets Lady Dimitrescu meets the embodiment of a jam band musician's bad trip (based on the trumpet-like things on her tentacle hair). The heroes chopped off parts of her hair with their weapons, and they also destroyed some Seeno Evils along the way. The former is PG-level beat-em-up violence, while the latter is practically Y7FV. There was one scene where one of the Seeno Evils gets hit in the face and flies away all stylized, but it was pretty short and probably meant more for comedic relief. Even the Seeno Evils' texture effects have been reduced to splotches of burnt yellow and orange, rather than menacing crimson blood. Oh, and we find out that Rika has self-harmed, but we only see the cuts she made in the past, and she even vows not to do it anymore while in the bath. So this week's episode doesn't get the V, although I have a feeling that's going to change in due time.

Screenshots? Let's go with Rika destroying the first monster, and some lurvely small talk between Ai and Neiru.



Also, you may have noticed that Funi's logo pops up in all of the WEP screenshots I've done so far. Honestly, I didn't even notice that the first time, but I have no other choice now, as not only does their player constantly include the logo in the corner, but I can't even take a screenshot while pausing. On the off chance that I have to change the rating, this means I have to be pretty precise to take the same part of the scene as I did before. Talk about a bother.

Episode 1 - TV-14
Episode 2 - TV-PGV
Episode 3 - TV-PGL

(yeah... no spiffy titles this time)


#1: Finally, I get to rate the very first subbed anime I ever watched. But I'm not gonna do screencaps for it, at least for now, because it's way too good for anyone in this accursed world. Anyway... a crapshoot. Apart from the gigantic explosion just before the OP, we have Sasahara, after a long-winded routine about whether he can bring a goat to school, getting shot in the head by Misato, but there was no impact and only a small thread of blood came out. Also, Mio ended up crumpling to the ground and had a similar tiny blood thread after a fantasy where Sasahara was going to marry her. I previously rated this 14V on a rewatch back in 2018, but now, I think the nature of the scene and how it was downplayed isn't enough for the subrating. Except, you know, someone still got shot.

#2: This time, we have more violence that is exaggerated yet not as bad as you might expect, courtesy of Misato, who as the apparent survival game fan fires on Sasahara again, this time with military-grade weapons over... well, slacking off, but he wasn't harmed by it at all. Personally, I feel like this one could go either way, but my rewatch notes said it passed for a PGV, so I'll leave it be.

#3: This time, much simpler: five uses of "sucks"" and one "frickin'" from Mai's comic about Masao, which Yuuko read and got surprisingly engrossed over despite not being the homework she needed to copy.

To Your Eternity
Episode 14: "Jananda, Island of Freedom" - TV-14LV
Episode 15: "A Girl Named Tonari" - TV-14LV


#14: As you might expect from the premise about a coliseum where prisoners try to win whatever they desire, there was bloody violence; mostly combatants getting slashed with swords and morning stars and splashing blood around, but the pinnacle was a scene Fushi saw first-hand of a guy getting sliced in half, with stylistic smears at the point of contact, that made him puke. Also, another victim gets an ax stuck in his head, and the presumptive winner of the round holds up a guy's severed head. Then it was their time to enter the arena and take down the last combatant, which involved an ax being thrown at their head and swords going right through its body like an (in)human pincushion, with death being more of a suggestion. This was so upsetting to the poor guy that he claimed he was hung over, said "shit" and died. On the other hand, the rest of the episode was a lot tamer than this; even Fushi's second fight against the Berserker of Zumla was more about trying to psyche him out with their shapeshifting. Ultimately, I agonized over giving the episode an MA straight (it's right on the border of my personal standards), but because they seemed to self-censor the dude's death with a shadow, and Poke gave a similar rating to someone being cut in half in an episode of Corpse Princess (though I don't know how intense that was), I've decided to go with the 14.

#15: This time, the only violence was Fushi in the form of Gugu getting impaled in the chest by the Nokkers (and temporarily losing that form), with the fight against the Nokker form of the big spirit bear being downright PG, almost coming off as a family show at times. I mean, "Janandan chair fighting"? I love it. There was also more variety in the swearing, which is nice; two uses of "shit", one "ass", one "piss", and one "you suck".

And that's it for now. Sorry for another delay, though at least I've gotten it out quicker than last time. And there was something else I wanted to include, but I've decided to put it on hold for now for various reasons that annoy me.

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First up, a couple replies to Blatch.


While it's true that I've given some episodes an MA straight for giant splashes of blood, whether or not it received higher than best rating depends on the additional damage. If someone explicitly loses a body part as the blood spray happens, it can move up to MA straight, especially if the aftermath is graphic enough. If there's guts, viscera, or at the very least a detailed look at the stumps left behind, that's an MAV. If something gets MAV and its just blood, then either I was in a mood to rate closer to how [as] does things that instance (so many JoJo episodes they rated for graphic violence while I played it safe like a fool) or because the surrounding factors allowed it the opportunity (i.e. Kabukicho Sherlock 11, Redo of Healer 2).

The FUNi logos in the WEP screenshots don't bother me. Reminds me of when I captured the same with my Initial D screencaps.

As for the Corpse Princess thing, it wasn't Akasha's Shikabane Hime getting torn in half that earned it the TV-MA, but the fact that it looked like bits of viscera were dripping out of her upper half in the scenes portraying her situation. That detail was more discernible in my uncle's DVD set than the fansub rips I watched to backtrack on the subbed rating list I left incomplete back in 2008, which is why the after-the-fact bisection wasn't enough to net a TV-MA on the latter run.

And now for the good stuff.

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #8: Servility and Conscience (TV-14L)
Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #9: Young People These Days (TV-PGL)
Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #10: Subzero Spiral (TV-PG)


#8: Kumatani says the word "shitty" four times while telling Usahara, in a roundabout way, that the all-girls' bar employees he brags about himself to not only aren't interested in his stories but are resisting the urge to just beat the crap out of him over them. Four S-bombs in a fourteen-second period. Enough to earn a TV-MAL by my standards, but since there were no other profanities and the rest of the episode was PG-level, the rating stayed on the technically more younger-skewing side.

#9: Two uses of "bastard" and one of "crappy", all from schizophrenic sales planner Kikaku.

#10: One use each of "hell" and "crap". Also worth noting are Uramichi explaining the general concept of "harassment" to kids (which, in a nice variation compared to what us Americans would've done, didn't even mention the sexual kind!) and a stylized flashback to Kumatani's former boss kicking a cardboard box with a homeless cat sleeping inside it; an understandable trigger warning for the anti-animal abuse people, but not worthy of much beyond a PG set, since the cat turned out fine (and adopted).

The bug covering up Sun!Utano has to be the first time I've had one of those happen during these clips. :D

ADVENTURES IN DUB-WATCHING: Also, I decided to check out the dub for this series like I did with Bakarina, and long story short, I've kind of made watching that an unofficial thing. Based on personal observation, episode 1 would have gotten a TV-14DL for one use of "shit" and the dub going a little raunchier with the different dick jokes Uramichi told Iketeru to make him unfit to perform. Episode 2, I can't remember as well, but it would've definitely got upped to a TV-14D based solely on Iketeru admitting outright that Uramichi's chinchilla joke ("Lil' Willy the Chinchilly") was a "penis joke". Is this what Twitter is taking about when they talk about characters turning to the camera and explaining the message of the series?

Magic Knight Rayearth #7: Ferio in Desperation: A Romance in the Desert (TV-PG)


Well, the good news is, Ferio didn't die like I was fearing he would. (Considering ANN hints he has backstory in episode 17, I probably should have tempered my expectations.) But still, the fact that Presea's demise was covered in the recap, though only referred to in the dub as a "loss", was enough of a PG set to push things over the top.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (TV-14V)


That's right, I'm doing another movie on here. One that I feel was well overdue for a watch, especially with the anime even having a tie-in episode to explain some of the setup and everything.

For the first hour, the violence levels for the movie were actually rather moderate, with multiple explosions at best and nonfatal peril at worst, the most notable moments of harm being one of the villains taking the gala room hostage kicking one of the attending heroes in the head, and the one with a blade for an arm slashing at one of Melissa's upper arms, though the wound is ultimately minor despite the blood droplets seen the moment contact was made. (Don't worry, it didn't slow her down any.) Other moments of early blood included the after-the-fact trickle running down All Might's mouth during young Deku's favorite rescue video of him, and the comical trickles coming down Mineta's head after he overuses Pop-Off against the security robots too much.

But then, things changed once Wolfram, the villain leader, took center stage. His shooting Sam in the upper arm, and his second bullet striking David in the shoulder as he moved in to keep it from hitting Sam like the first, both had prominent bloody results, the latter impact especially, as David continued to bleed from that wound for the rest of the final act. Blood dripping onto the ground as he was carted off to the escape chopper, and the splatter and smear resulting as he's pushed and slumps down against the wall of the helicopter cabin, even as after-the-fact moments, that's not something to ignore. Also not worth ignoring was the amount of blood All Might started to leak from his mouth as his power ran low, starting out as a simple after-the-fact trickle to demonstrate said power running low, to him coughing up fair amounts as he pushes himself even further, either from simple reaction or outside force, the latter in the form of Wolfram choking him. He also grabbed at his abdominal wound which, despite having no blood, resulted in a very pained scream. As my first personal rating for MHA, I'd say the final rating was well-justified and well-deserved.

Profanity consisted of seven uses of "damn" (four as "dammit"), four of "hell", two of "bastard", and one each of "crap" and "weak-ass".

And Yet the Town Moves #3: The Cat Boy (TV-PGDL)


SUGGESTIVE DIALOGUE: On the debatable side, Hotori briefly admits to looking at Kon's butt (while under the impression that she's a young boy instead of an older girl). On the more straight-forward side, Kon calls Hotori's "Maid's Cage" maneuver she uses to get control of her pet cat a name fit for a porno.

FANSERVICE MOMENT: Hotori's upper thighs get a brief moment of above-average exposure (though her panties remain out of view) in the mental image of her bragging about outsmarting her math teacher for once.

Profanity consisted of three uses of "hell", two uses of "crap", and one each of "pissing", "dumbass", and "dammit".

The Legend of Black Heaven #9: Get Off of My Cloud (TV-14)


The 14 set for this week was a compounding of moments that were a little much for a PG with a D subrating, but not enough for a 14 with a D subrating. These moments included: Gen telling Oji that the girlie mag he picked up has "lots of boobs" in it, and later asking why the girls were naked if they weren't even bathing; Yoshiko quietly saying with relief that Oji's trashed poster asking for band members is "better than an affair"; and Oji pointing at Layla's chest when he says that rock 'n' roll comes from the heart, with her flinching reaction and blush before and after he explains the heart thing wordlessly suggesting that she thought he meant the boobs.

Profanity consisted of two uses of "hell", one each of "bitch" and "suck", and a written use of "dammit".

I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job. #13: My Sister Came to the Capital to See Me, Her Brother Who Couldn't Become a Hero (TV-MA)


As with most OVA follow-up episodes, it's only appropriate to end on a fanservicey bang. From the return of Fino's "Demon King" getup, now with extra areola exposure, to the nudity-inducing events within the Three Hells Hot Springs, this episode had no shortage of either nudity or nipples, with all the girls in the main and supporting cast being rendered nude by the "goop" within the pitcher plant tentacle monster's various sacs. But if I had to pick one instance that pushed things over to MA territory, it would have to be the "flag game" played between Raul and Loa, where they had to scoop sand off of Nova's body without disturbing the flag placed on one of her breasts (which had extra sand used to simulate nipple outlines). The flag sticking out of one of the pseudo-nipples, one of Loa's sand swipes undoing Nova's bikini bottom, and Fino landing chin-first into Nova's cleavage hard enough to make her top come off and expose her nipples, I felt that it was a little overkill to keep at the 14 level, especially seeing how I upped episode 3 for less.

Profanities include three seven uses of "hell" (three plural), five written uses of "hell" (two plural), and three of "damn".

Godzilla: Singular Point #1: Terzetto (TV-PG)


A surprisingly simple one where the worst objectionable content was Otaki's proclamation that Jet Jaguar was built to "kick ass". There was a false alarm earlier on involving him where he was pronouncing "SETI" as "Shetty", which could've very easily been mistaken for "shitty". After crosschecking Netflix's subs to see what he was saying there ("shechi"), I decided to leave it be.

Also of note was the climactic scene where a pterodactyl kaiju shows up at a local festival, the only damage it does being getting snagged in some power lines and knocking over a sign it landed on. No notable casualties, fatal or non, among the human attendants, and only the peril that comes from being faced with a being so surreal (to the point where it was animated in CG!). I expect violence next week, but I won't be too surprised if there isn't any.

My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #21: Keith Disappeared... Part 1 (TV-PGV)
My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #22: Keith Disappeared... Part 2 (TV-PG)
My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #23: Keith Disappeared... Part 3 (TV-PGV)


And rounding this week's session out, we have the "Keith gets kidnapped" trilogy, not the first and certainly not the last kidnapping to happen in the Bakarina canon.

#21: This was admittedly a gut reaction since it stood out compared to the content of the eight episodes prior, but Keith's half-brother Thomas beating him with an onscreen stomp on his chest and four more offscreen strikes was seen as "moderate violence" to me, I guess. Causes for concern dialogue wise include Larna explaining that she made Alexander on commission from Jeffrey, calling him a "certain pervert" but stopping herself one letter short of completing the latter word, and one use of the phrase "mistress's child" in a flashback establishing how Keith knows Thomas.

#22: While experiencing the effects of Sara, his true captor's dark magic, he tells himself that he "can't let [himself] die yet". Later on, Sora informs Catarina that the country the town they're investigating in borders is one where "human trafficking is a thriving business" and that he too used to be in that system, though no mention is made of if it was the sexual side of human trafficking or not in either case.

#23: Now this was a tough one that took a fair amount of time and self-deliberation to come to a decision on. It was either a TV-PGD or a TV-PGV, with fair cases for either subrating. Regarding the violence, the fight scene between the "searching for Keith" party and a group of armed thugs guarding the mansion in which he's being held includes Sora kicking one thug in the back of the neck while Geordo slices the other across the chest with his sword, both instances (the latter in particular) having no blood. (Not that it mattered, as Maria healed them and the third guy Larna took out anyways.) When the group finds Thomas, though, they find him with blood on his hands and streaks left by his fingers grabbing at the rug he collapsed onto, all after the fact but rather concerning in their origin. With onscreen violence so tame and an after-the-fact instance so prominent, you can understand how I wound up asking myself "to V or not to V"!

Then there's the matter of the dialogue, which went from two allusions to Keith being a mistress's child - one part of Thomas's monologue of despair, the other a flashback name-call in Keith's subconscious - straight to outright confirmation that Keith does indeed have romantic feelings for Catarina, to the point of giving his sister-by-adoption an unprompted kiss on the lips. Incest has always been a topic that could never be consistently rated on its own merits, to the point where even in incest-centric anime like Oreimo and Koi Kaze, it all came down to the surrounding content in what rating it earned than the incestual focus itself. (I blame SAO 21 for convincing me it was PG level, and S&P's seeming ignorance of the whole "Asuna almost gets tentacle raped" scene did not help!) But seeing as there was no verbal indication in any of the scenes that Keith/Catarina was wrong because of their sibling relation, despite that undercurrent remaining still, it combined with the lack of venturing into Keith being a mistress's child beyond that title didn't stack up to much on its own.

It was a case where it felt wrong to either give the episode both the D and the V, or to withhold both of them outright. TV-PGD and TV-PGV were the only options. And seeing how the violent aspects were closer to earning the rating over the adult content, which wasn't as dialogue-based as the name of the subrating suggested, the final answer was only obvious.

Oh, and there was one use of "damn" in there too. Not that anyone cares.


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Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #11: Fateful Encounter (TV-PGL)
Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #12: Awkward Smile (TV-PG)


#11: Four uses of "damn" (one each as "damned" and "dammit"), three of "bastard", and one of "hell". Also, the guy in merchandise sales that Kikaku is heard to be arguing with over the phone is listed in his contacts as "Damn Merchandise Sales Bastard", abbreviated as "Damn Bastard".

#12: One use of "crap".

Magic Knight Rayearth #8: The Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot (TV-PG)


Compared to last episode, the amount of violence was actually greater in both frequency and level of detail, though still a ways away from the high bar set by episode 5. Much of the violence done, both in the moment and after the fact, pertained to Vigor (Vigger?), one of Ascot's monsters who he disguised as a cute Pokemon-esque woodland creature as part of his most recent plot to dispatch the Magic Knights. Vigor's cute creature form is introduced as having a wound on his hind leg, complete with a close-up showing the exposed red flesh; after he transforms and attacks, he takes a strike from Fuu's sword right around where the wound was, causing an after-the-fact blood trickle; and more blood is shown as Hikaru (who has taken to calling him Hikari after her dog back home) goes to heal it. (By comparison, his defeat by dissipation into light particles was hardly anything.) For what it's worth, Vigor/Hikari did manage to land some blows of to-human damage on Hikaru and Fuu, slashing them both across the back and temporarily incapacitating them both, despite the lacking presence of blood.

Full Dive #1: VR x Reality (TV-MAL)
Full Dive #2: Living in a Dead Game (TV-MAL)


#1: Knowing ahead of time that this was the type of series that features ecchi prominently, and that the first episode featured a dude dying from accidentally stabbing himself in the mouth after getting pushed down (with the guy who did the pushing getting blamed for it), I went in expecting something 14 level, even with the word "shittier" in the full official English title. Not even that could prepare me for how much profanity was even in this episode. One use each of "crap", "damn", "dick", "prick" and "asshole", two of "bitch" (one as "son of a bitch") and "sucks", three of "hell", four of "ass" (one as "fake-ass"), and at the top of it all, ten uses of "shit". One as "shitty", another as "bullshit", and seven "Oh shit"s in a row, as the most harem protag JYB since Maiku Kamishiro stated while running away from the aforementioned murder scene he accidentally caused, and the childhood friend who's a little too psychotically angry about the whole ordeal. Yep, this latest entry in the "shows Poke says he'll never ever watch until he does for easily ignorable reasons" series is looking to be an interesting rate compared to the typical indeed.

#2: Six of the seven "oh shit" uses from last time made it into the cold open recap, followed by one extra "shit" during the episode proper. Other profanities included six uses of "hell", four of "crap" (one as "bullcrap"), two of "ass" (one as "roadkilled skunk ass", the other as "assclown"), and one each of "bastard", "piss", "freaking", and "damn". Other notable moments of colorful dub language use include Reona describing Kiwame Quest's developer as going "tits-up", Hiro shouting "son of a slut" in frustration, and him calling Ginji a "chode" after he outs him as the wanted criminal everyone's after.

Godzilla: Singular Point #2: Gamesome (TV-PG)
Godzilla: Singular Point #3: Tigerish (TV-PG)


On the other side of my "Fridays with the cool uncle" anime watches, for a series listed as TV-14 on Netflix (with "fear" as one of the content indicators, ha 😅) there's a lot more peril in this show than actual violence. Episode two's violence quota was just the first Rodan engaging in a mostly one-sided tussle with Jet Jaguar, while in #3 all the flock of evolved Rodan attacked were a bunch of electrical equipment, a robot hijacked by Pero-2, and Mei's laundry. (Though it was mentioned later that over 150 people were either missing or hospitalized in the aftermath.) The corpses of the Rodans after they tapped out of strength did feature semi-prominent blood pools, though those were later revealed to be red sand deposits leaking out around them post-mortem so it's hard to tell.

At least the profanity game for both episodes was on point. Episode 2 had two uses of "damn" (one as "dammit") and one of "hell", while episode 3 had two uses of "damn" (both that exact word) and one each of "hell" and "crap".

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! #24: My Graduation Ceremony Happened... (TV-PGD)


One last rating before the movie, and in a surprise turn of events, much of the objectionable content was Keith's fault.

For what was to be expected from the episode's subrating, Keith tells Catarina during their dance at the post-graduation reception that he's concerned Geordo will "come after" her in a "between a man and a woman" sense; it's assumed Catarina figured out what he meant, based on her blushy reaction at the latter quotation. And near the end of the episode, he says to himself that Catarina has "seduced another one", upon hearing that Ginger will be looking after Catarina's garden while she's off working for the Department of Magic. But the scene with the most content per capita was where I started to get a little concerned and confused about what to rate it.

The scene in question was one where Catarina stops by Keith's room to show off her new pajamas, only for him to pull a Sora and throw her onto his bed, looking down at her with romantic intent. Dialogue featured in that scene included him bringing up his feelings for her (which Catarina also wrote off as just a dream in a move I'm convinced was more active denial than automatic stupidity) in general, warning her that if she "walks into a man's room alone in your sleep clothes at night, you can't complain no matter what he does to you", and warns her further that Geordo might do something that "can't be taken back" in the same vein as his motions, which were limited to just a kiss to her forehead. Having this come after the debacle with Sora, I wasn't sure whether to give this a TV-PGD, a TV-PGDS, or if I should break out the big guns and make this the show's first TV-14. But considering the dialogue was too vague in its wording to be a 14 set, and Keith had the sense to stop at a kiss whereas Sora might've gone farther in his encounter with Catarina had Larna not interrupted them, I decided to keep it at a TV-PGD. That asshole Rebel Panda probably thinks I should've rated it higher, assuming he cared enough to pay attention to my reply to his last tweet overblowing Bakarina's harlequin romance aspects.

I don't know why I keep checking in on his Twitter feed when all it really does is piss me off.


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Slipping another one in before the month ends. I think I'm getting back in the swing of things, but a few nagging habits remain.

The [email protected] Cinderella Girls Episode 4: "Everyday life, really full of joy!" - TV-G (review post here)


After three episodes of not much interesting happen, we somehow manage to drop down. It took until episode 7 for the first [email protected] show to have a G, and at least that one actually had PGs with subratings.

So, anyway, nothing offensive. Not even Ranko's chunni talk tipped the scale. Maybe you could really reach and say that her description of a "vessel that catches souls" is PG, but that seems more like something the little ones wouldn't understand, rather than something they shouldn't see. And there's also a split-second moment of Mio and Mika's navels showing up in the flashback to the big dancing showcase last episode (which is even in the first screenshot), but that doesn't affect me because I'm not a prude.

Images? Painting the medium, and a few random cameos.



[that's what she said]

Wonder Egg Priority #4: "Colorful Girls" - TV-14DV


Off the top, one of the trauma victims of the week (Miwa, who anchors the first screenshot) talked about how she had been molested, and then one of the villains coerced her into coming into his arms, even taking off her clothes in the process. Fortunately, it wasn't a change of heart but a trap, helping out the new gender-confused egg collector Momoe. One villain's death caused a separation of body parts and a smattering of blood drops, ending with Momoe getting a face full of blood... or something. It might've been the same goo the big-boobed monster from the second episode made, only recolored red. Swearing: one "bastard" and, for good measure, an "I'm really freaking angry!" from Ai.

Now, the second screenshot here features the return of an old favorite: ratings awareness! Seems like Ai caught a fleeting glimpse of the bug, though she was mostly just flattered by having Miko and Mako become her fans... until they disappeared.



Episode 4: TV-PG
Episode 5: TV-PG
Episode 6: TV-14V
Episode 7: TV-PGL


#4: Even simpler than last time: no swearing or violence (and this is not a show that does sex jokes), but a brief moment of Misato pointing her weapon at Sasahara again but not firing it as well as some aggressively fluid animation in the last segment with Yuuko and Mai were enough to net a PG. I would say that Misato has become a walking PG set, but then she randomly showed up in a cameo a few episodes later, walking in the school without holding a weapon. Go figure.

#5: If anything, this show's constant use of wild takes is a perennial PG set, as demonstrated by likes of Yuuko getting hit on the head during a frenzied session of rock-paper-scissors and responding with "God is dead!", or the scene near the end of the episode involving her and Mio's drawings, which ends with smoke shaped like a panda coming out of the latter's head. Also, a torrent of red liquid comes out of Mio's mouth at one point (which I personally find too vague to rate; it could've been her firing a lazar), and the final drawing she makes is of a shirtless boy with nipples, which is not a big deal but sounds weird out of context.

#6: This episode has the famous scene of the school principal suplexing a dear, complete with over-the-top reactions from Yuuko. The dear seemed to gore him at first, underscored by him coughing up a lot of blood and trippy visual effects that look like blood shooting out. Fortunately, he's unharmed; par for the course for this show. Then there's one of the interstitial showing the courtyard of the main characters' high school being blown up for no reason, and a scene during a camping trip where Mio gets pissed at Yuuko for spilling the curry; the same bloody particle effects surround her while she exclaims "What color is your blood?" Far out, maaaan.

#7: Two uses of "bastard", but no violence whatsoever. The bureaucrat looking to take over the elvish kingdom (thanks to Mio's wood cubes) trips over himself and (literally) dies, and then near the end of the episode Nano throws a baseball forcefully into the dirt, creating a big dust cloud.

To Your Eternity
Episode 16: "The Children's Dreams" - TV-MA
Episode 17: "The Defeated" - TV-14LSV


#16: Right off the bat, one use of "asshole", but the rest of the episode was more geared towards violence. Tonari's backstory involved her father entering the tournament to set him and her free, which had blood splashes galore, plus a dude getting a sword plunged into him and another guy covered in blood standing atop it all, all while she looks on and is presumably traumatized by it. Then she ends up digging through a pile of dead bodies to find her dad, which is distressing but also downright metal. And then we find out her father actually won the tournament, but he's poisoned soon after and dies in Tomari's sight. Then it was time for the final round of the tournament: Fushi vs. Hayase, finally making her presence felt after a few tantalizing appearances without talking. She overpowers Fushi, sidestepping him, beating him up, and even managing to poke out one of their eyes while they're in spirit bear form. And if that's not enough, we see a flashback to the time she killed Perona personally: while basically crucified, she slashes her across the torso, then goes for her neck, and we see her head go flying off amidst a darkened scene, in another apparent attempt at self-censorship.

I feel like this episode could pass with a 14LV, but it's got a really gruesome atmosphere... ironic, given the title. Tonari sifting through a big pit of dead bodies is one thing, but then we've got an old-fashioned eye scream (though, once out, it appeared as a mass of red flesh) and Parona's execution, which had some real torture chamber vibes. After agonizing over this maybe even more than Episode 14 (which now feels overblown; I definitely made the right call there), I'm going with an MA straight. Helps that this series has only had one episode with anything beyond big blood splashes and beat-em-up violence (that being the third one, which I didn't cover). We'll see how the last few turn out.

#17: And this time, we get some notable sexual content for the first time in the show. Enter Hayase, who's sick in the head and has the hots for Fushi. I would say that she goes full Sugou in a sequence where she takes Fushi to her newly-minted Janandan palace and starts licking him on the face, but even he didn't go that far before Kirito showed up. It's wonderfully uncomfortable and sort of made up for the first third of the episode being a lengthy monologue by her that had as much to do with setting up the season's climax as the show's production being stretched thin. Oh, and for good measure, we see her bare backside. From there, the episode went back to an action-oriented mindset, but was a lot lighter than it's been recently, particularly with the lack of blood. The only blood that appeared in the rest of the episode was Hayase slashing the branding the Janandan prisoners are given into her hand with an obsidian dagger. Even the flashbacks (there were a few of them) avoided rehashing the most bloody scenes. Really, most of this episode's action was about tension more than bloodshed, with Hayase threatening to kill Tonari and the other children, Tonari's pet owl getting shot with an arrow, Obama Fushi shapeshifting behind Hayase and putting a sword to her throat, and then later on all the children of prisoners got knocked out at once with Hayase's special flower-based sedative. Oh, and as for swearing: two ass-words, two "shits" (one as "bullshit"), and one "bastard".

Next time: new shows, hopefully. Maybe I'll even cover a current simulcast.

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You should, seasonal anime content rating look-sees are fun stuff. Though you might want to avoid the two series I'll announce at the end after this quick update I'm doing primarily to justify it.

Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan #13: Together with Maman Forever (TV-14D)


As if you'd have one last episode of Uramichi Oniisan without throwing in one last instance of Iketeru laughing at silly dick jokes. This time, it was him laughing at "merbromin", which Derekida suggested he put on his injured hand, because it sounded like "my boner", the latter phrase he said a total of four times. Honorable mention on the dialogue front goes to the scene where Usahara tries to return a dropped hankerchief to one of the two single ladies on staff in the hopes of getting a date, only to end up making them think he's gay because the hankerchief belonged to Capellini, who calls him "his type".

For overall statistics, there were a total of six ratings featured, with the most prominent being TV-PG (four episodes) and second being TV-PGL (three); the remainder were TV-14 and TV-14D tying with two each, and TV-PGD and TV-14L tying with one each. Blanket rating would be TV-14, due to the early prominence of the dick jokes.


Kumatani tied with Iketeru for third place with 9 appearances, but only 2 of them vocal (hence the bear onigiri picture). Utano had 7 appearances, Derekida and Edei had 6 each, Furode and Ennoshita had 2 each, and Iketeru's sister, Iketeru's dog, Amon, and the network president all had one each. Big Losers were Capellini, Kikaku, Uebu, Heame, and Nekota, though all of them appeared in clips beyond when the ratings showed up, so it's not like they were left in the dust entirely like Bullet.

Kanon 2006 #14: A Cracked Concerto (TV-PGLV)


At first, it seemed like this rating would be more on the side of the same-ol', same-ol' for Kanon with various PG sets and causes for concern sprinkled about. First it was Yuuichi saying "oh god" during his sword training with Mai. Then it was the fact that Sayuri's backstory involved her autistic little brother dying from a terminal disease, but with zero explicit mention of death and only a shot of Sayuri and her father at his gravesite cluing the audience into that fact. And after that was Yuuichi claiming that Akiko's special jam could cure cancer, in another one of ADV's punched-up bits of dialogue. Like I said, the same-ol', same-ol'.

But then the last five minutes of the episode happened. Sayuri is attacked by one of the invisible demons Mai's been fighting all series thus far, and what we see of the aftermath of the attack, as presented from Yuuichi and Mai's perspectives, is Sayuri laying in a pool of her own blood with additional splatters on the floor by the spilled contents of the bento she brought, and on the giant anteater plushie she planned on giving Mai for her birthday. The fact that only the lower half of her torso down was shown made the scene feel more dire than it actually was, as it was later revealed her injuries were not only non-fatal, but not so serious that she had to stay in the hospital beyond the obligatory overnight observation! Hence why it avoided a 14 set. Also factoring in towards the violence subrating was a later scene where Mai lashes out at a construction site she and Yuuichi are passing in overflowing frustration over Sayuri getting hurt, with her almost using her sword to stab herself through the underside of her chin, but avoiding impact thanks to Yuuichi's attempts to keep her from doing anything so reckless. And to cap it off, when the pair head back to the school to settle the score with the three remaining demons, Yuuichi tells Mai, "Let's take care of these bastards tonight". Only profanity in the episode, and like Air 9, it was a precision B strike.

So yeah, this episode was pretty killer in more ways than just the one.

Magic Knight Rayearth #9: The Magic Knights' Greatest Crisis (TV-PG)


This week's PG sets: the recap for the previous episode displaying the makeshift cross on Vigor/Hikari's gravesite, Ascot claiming Zagato would kill him if he helped Alcyone escape from the waterfall prison she got yeeted into four episodes ago, and Alcyone clashing swords with Umi hard enough to make her bleed from her own blade during their fight.

And now for some various announcements, a.k.a. the reason I'm posting this so early and so short. First off, regarding seasonal selections, I plan on watching two anime this season on my own time. Of those two, the important one is the show replacing Uramichi as the fifth subject of the Content Rating Clips, Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut. (I am so glad FUNimation chose that title, now I can refer to it as the "vampire cosmonaut" anime without fearing others might think I don't know the title of the show!) It was between that and the other pick, Platinum End, for the one-year anniversary pick, but for as much as I'd have liked to celebrate with a two-cour series (a first Kanon already had locked down), the slim chance of this actually getting broadcasted on Toonami by benefit of being from the Death Note creators convinced me that going for the LN adaptation less likely to get on Demarco's radar was the preferable option. Expect clips from the first episode of Vampire Cosmonaut soon on my Twitter!

Second/lastly, and this was likely obvious considering I hadn't watched an episode in months, but I'm dropping Basquash! for the time being. Guess I just lost interest in pursuing it, I guess. I'll get back on that wagon eventually, but until then, I'll watch something else. What, you might ask? Considering it's a non-seasonal, I'm going to keep that one a surprise.

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