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Years ago (1981), this goofy movie came out that helped to start the Nostradamus craze.  It was called "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" and was narrated by Orson Wells, giving it some air of credibility.

In the movie, there was this ridiculous scene of household appliances attacking humans.  I think that one of the things was that the guy's tie got caught in the blender.  Really wacky stuff, presumably based upon one of MdN's quatrains.  Very far fetched.

Just read another article today about a young family that got hacked through their smart thermostat (didn't use 2 factor) and all their smart stuff in the house was compromised.  They caught on because they heard a man's voice in their baby's room.  The father ran up there & looked around but found nothing.  He took his kid downstairs, then found the thermostat had been turned to 90F.  Then they heard a voice in the basement.  The guy was now talking directly to the man, threatening him, using racial slurs & profanity.  Using the families smart cams, he could see exactly what they were doing as well, wherever a cam was.

They've got the authorities investigating.  Weird that something that was sooo off the wall (appliances attacking humans, well before the internet became public) is now perfectly feasible.


EDIT - Right after posting this, my internet went down.  Creepy.

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10 hours ago, Poof said:

it's going to get worse before it gets better

For now consumers need to be smart about how they integrate technology into their lives. And you'll always have hackers like the one that got into diabetic monitoring shit or whatever and immediately notified whoever he could. 

There's an ethic to most mischeif. People can be pretty fucked up but a grifter doesn't want to hold a bunch of dying people hostage.

I'd like to see a smart bar get hacked.

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