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Am I the only one who would like more realism from the next Elder Scrolls game?

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Yeah, it's great in skyrim to walk into a dungeon, walk out with 8 sets of armor, sell them and then do it again.

But its hard to maintain a suspension of disbelief sometimes.

Where am I carrying all that armor etc.?

Yeah,  I know "You've got magic and dragons and elves, and you're upset about being able to carry too much?"


Weapons and armor are great, but they shouldn't be the majority of the loot. We should be collecting treasure- if my character takes somebody's armor, they should want to wear it not sell it.

You could still load up on weapons, of course, but I want to see the character wearing them. Have a limit to how many you can carry. If you want your character to carry more stuff, have merchants selling different types of bags for your character to wear. Stuff ranging from a coin purse that will let you haul around a few more gems, a bandoleer to stick potions in, a full on backpack that you can carry a few more pieces of armor in (not a full set, of course) hell, for enough money they could even have enchanted bags for folks who want to carry everything. To compensate for the limitations of that system you'd want to have a banking/storage system, which   is something else I feel the Elder Scrolls is missing.

Then the map. Your character doesn't have GPS. Give us a rolled up paper map that our character carries around and pulls out when he wants to look at it. Give us an actual compass to look at, not some futuristic hud. To that end I'd like to see your stat bars removed and reworked somehow too. Maybe even going so far as removing a lot of the visible "statistics" entirely and having the leveling/progression happen entirely behind the scenes; make the "perks" happen naturally and have our character improvements be demonstrated by the feeling of the gameplay rather than numbers in a chart.

I don't know; most of the fans seem to be of the opinion that skyrim's moves towards that direction have ruined its credibility as an "actual RPG," dumbing it down into an adventure game...

So there's my thoughts on that.

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