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Knuckles the Echidna dieing has become a Meme on tumblr


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I don't know much about hedgehogs but pretty sure they don't live to be 25. I think Knuckles will be fine.

hedgehogs live for about 5 years


edit: I believe Sonic's "official age" is 15....so he died a loooooong time ago xD

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for that matter


real foxes = 4 years while Tails is 11


Amy is 12


Shadow is FIFTY!


Silver is 14


cream is 6, but real rabbits live for about 9 years in captivity so she's fine


Crocodile's live for 70 years and Vector is 20 so he's fine


Chameleons live for 5 years and Espio is 16 so he's dead


Bat lifespans vary with some living as long as 30 years and Rouge is 18 so she's fine


Bees live for about 28 days and Charmy is 6 so he's dead


and cats live for up to 18 years, and Big is 18, so he's dead, Blaze is 14, so she's okay


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