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well bleh


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depressing night to say the least, made less so by you guys and your - stupid - posts.  which sort of make me feel a little better.


so tomorrow it's back to work (hurrblehy) as we move into winter and coldness.


what a bleak bleak world it has suddenly become. 


I dono what's going on anymore except that everything is dim and drab and depressing.


might as well be a Bergman film.


seeya tamorra.

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I really thought my husband was messing with me when he said Trump won this morning. Now I just feel sick today and really ready to come home and lay in bed to cry for awhile. All elections have winners and losers but this is just...a travesty of an election. It's truly disgusting to know the country we live in and the results have said a lot about a large group's thoughts.


He will be the first president to have no real political background or experience. That's nothing to be proud of. Already political advisors in other countries are recommending distance from relations with America.


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