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Okay so serious question


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My boss called and asked if I could work 2PM-10PM tomorrow, but I was originally scheduled to come in at at 10AM

I said I could if the person he was going to call didn't show up, but he never called or texted me back and I really want to go in at 10 instead of 2.(Which he probably assumes I will do)

Im going in tomorrow at 10AM, but what if he asks me why I'm there?? Think I can play dumb and still be able to work the shift? Not sure what to do or say when I get in tomorrow.

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just show up and if he says anything say "i thought you wanted me to show up at this time" and make a big deal about it.

make this a win win for you, get the preffered scheduled and get points with the boss.


I'm showing up at 10, but getting points with the boss probably wont happen :D

I will try to play dumb and try to work that shift yeah. If he tells me to come back later, I may not so  :|

I'll just work that shift and he can deal with it

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