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DVD/BR release/re-release thread


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coming January 17 2017:


The American Experience:  The Battle Of Chosin

Bad Day At Black Rock (John Sturges)

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf

Concrete Night (Pirjo Honkasalo)

Death Race 2050 

Fox And His Friends Criterion Edition (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

Hellboy II:  the Golden Army (Guillermo del Toro)

Ixanul (Jayro Bustamante)

The Man With the Iron Fists

Ouija:  Origin Of Evil

Resident Evil:  Afterlife

Revenge Of the Blood Beast (Michael Reeves) 

Slumber Party Massacre Parts 2 and 3 (Double Feature DVD)

Something Wild Criterion Edition (Jack Garfein)

Takashi Miike's Black Society Trilogy Special Edition (includes the films Shinjuku Triad Society, Rainy Dog and Ley Lines)

When Elephants Were Young



12 Monkeys (the Television Series) Season 2

American Reunion

The Girl On the Train

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Life Gets In the Way (Lili Matta)

NYPD Blue (Television Show) Season 12 (Final Season)

Ride Along

Seeking a Friend For the End Of the World

Shetland Season 3 (Television Show)

The Whole Truth

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coming January 24, 2017


Attack On Titan Season 1 blu ray 

Black Girl criterion edition  (Ousmane Sembène)

Blood Rage special edition  (John Grissmer)

Boy Did I Get the Wrong Number blu ray edition (George Marshall)

Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency 2016

Infinite Stratos 2 blu ray box set 

The Man Who Fell To Earth limited collectors edition (Nicholas Roeg)

The Monster  (Bryan Bertino)

Sherlock Season 4

Triage X blu ray

The Vessel blu ray  (Julio Quintana)

Wait Until Dark blu ray editions (Terence Young)


also:  Barney Playground Fun, The Code Season 2, The Contenders Part 16, Daniel Boone Season 3, Honor Student, I'm Not Ashamed, Inferno, The Light Between Oceans, Odd Squad the Movie, Polar Bear Town Season 1, Sabotage, USS Indianapolis, Wagon Tracks


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January 31st 2017:


At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (José Mojica Marins)

Black Dragon's Revenge (Tommy Loo Chung)

The Coffin Joe Trilogy Collection (José Mojica Marins, includes At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, Embodiment Of Evil and This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse)

Dr Feelgood (Eve Marson)

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2we Herz

Lair Of the White Worm (Ken Russell)

Magic Knight Rayearth Complete Collection

Masterminds (Jared Hess)

The Mountain (Yaelle Kayam)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 IV

Parents (Bob Balaban)

Pinocchio (Signature Edition, Ben Sharpsteen, Hamilton Luske)

Poltergeist II blu-ray

Poltergeist III blu-ray

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (José Mojica Marins)

Tyler Perry's Boo! a Madea Halloween (Tyler Perry)

Wax Mask  (Sergio Stivaletti)


Also:  Ballers Season 2, Barbie Video Game Hero, Bells Are Ringing, Jack Reacher Never Go Back, Shomin Sample Complete Series, Silk Season 3, Victoria Season One

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coming Feb 7 2017


The 9th Life of Louis Drax (Alexandre Aja)

American Pastoral (Ewan McGregor)

Cameraperson Criterion Edition  (Kirsten Johnson)

Desierto (Jonas Cuaron)

Dr Orloff's Monster (Jess Franco)

From Dusk Til Dawn Season 3

The General/The Three Ages  (Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton)

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? 50th Anniversary Edition  (Stanley Kramer)

Justice League Dark (Jay Oliva)

King Kong Ultimate Edition (Peter Jackson)

Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man (Lian Lunson)

Loving (Jeff Nichols)

Mobile Suit Gundam F91 blu ray (Yoshiyuki Tomino)

No Highway In the Sky (Henry Koster)

Penny Dreadful the Complete Series

Postcards From the Edge (Mike Nichols)

Prince Of Foxes (Henry King)

Turn A Gundam blu ray Collection 1 episodes 1-25 (Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Vice Principals Season 1

What a Way To Go (J Lee Thompson)


Also:  Almost Christmas, Dirty Dancing 30th Anniversary Edition, Frank And Lola, Life On the Line, Quantum Leap the Complete Series, The Sicilian Clan, The Take

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DVD releases for February 14 2017:


23 Paces To Baker Street (Henry Hathaway)

Beavis & Butt Head the Complete Collection (all episodes of the original MTV series, the newer series, and the movie)

Comet Lucifer Complete

Deep Water (Shawn Seet)

The Ghost And Mr Chicken (Alan Rafkin)

It Came From Outer Space (Jack Arnold)

King Cobra (Justin Kelly)

Mercy Street Season 2

One Million Years BC (Don Chaffey)

The Purge Anarchy (James DeMonaco)

Stake Land II (Dan Berk)

Star Trek Enterprise the Complete Series

Steamboat Bill Jr/College (James W Horne, Buster Keaton, Charles Reisner)

Suddenly In the Dark (Go Yeong-nam)

The Tree Of the Wooden Clogs (Ermanno Olmi)

We Are the Flesh (Emiliano Rocha Minter)


Also:  Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, Bleed For This, The Edge Of Seventeen, October Sky, Priceless, Quarry Season 1

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here's some DVD/Blu Ray releases and re-releases for this week:


A*P*E  3D (Paul Ledar)

Amagi Brilliant Park Complete Collection

The Before Trilogy Criterion Edition (Richard Linklater)

Deadtime Stories (Jeffrey Delman)

Doctor Strange DVD, Blu Ray and 3D Versions (Scott Derrickson)

Dog By Dog (Christopher E. Grimes)

Framed (Phil Karlson)

The Gate (Tibor Takacs)

Hunter x Hunter Season 2

Moonlight (Barry Jenkins)

Pulse Special Edition (Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

The Raid: Remption & The Raid 2 Box Set (Gareth Evans)

The Student Body (Bailey Webber, Michael Webber)

Stuff (Suzanne Guacci)


also:  21 Jump Street/22 Jump Street Double Feature, All We Had, Allied, Captain Phillips/Zero Dark Thirty Double Feature, Contract To Kill, Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down Double Feature, Rules Don't Apply, School Days Complete Collection

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coming March 7, 2017:


45 Years (Andrew Haigh)

The Brand New Testament (Jaco Van Dormael)

Colors (Dennis Hopper)

Compulsion ( Richard Fleischer)

Film (Samuel Beckett, Buster Keaton, Alan Schneider)

Jackie (Pablo Larraín)

The Lesson (Ruth Platt)

Ludwig 4 disc limited edition (Luchino Visconti)

Miss Hokusai (Keiichi Hara)

Moana (Ron Clements)

Phantasy Star Online 2 (the anime)

Property Is No Longer a Theft (Elio Petri)

The Red Pill (Cassie Jaye)

Star Raiders: the Adventures Of Saber Raine (Mark Steven Grove)

Turn A Gundam blu ray collection 2 (Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Yu Gi Oh! Arc V Season 1 Part 1, Part 2


Also:  Andy Paris Bubblegum King, Incarnate, Man Down, Trespass Against Us

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Releases for this week (March 14 2017)


Appleseed XIII Complete Series

Ascent To Hell (Dena Hysell)

Ben-To the Complete Series (Shin Itagaki)

Canoa:  A Shameful Memory (Felipe Cazals)

Certain Fury  (Stephen Gyllenhaal)

The Creeping Garden (Jasper Sharp)

Dead Or Alive Trilogy (Takashi Miike) (includes Dead Or Alive, Dead Or Alive 2: Birds, Dead Or Alive: Final)

Drive In Massacre (Stu Segall)

Elle (Paul Verhoeven)

Fences (Denzel Washington)

Firestarter (Mark L Lester)

Ghost In the Shell (Mamoru Oshii)

K Missing Kings

The Love Witch (Anna Biller)

Red Dawn (John Milius)

Return Of the Kung Fu Trailers Of Fury

Story Of Sin Special Edition (Walerian Borowczyk)


also out today:  48 Hours To Live, American Violence, Frisky, Nash Bridges Season 5, Nash Bridges Season 6, One Under the Sun, Passengers, Six Season 1, Solace, When the Bough Breaks

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April 11 2017


Caltiki the Immortal Monster (Riccardo Freda)

Demented (Arthur Jeffreys)

The Lurking Fear (C. Courtney Joyner)

Never Too Young To Die (Gil Bettman)

The Pink Panther Film Collection (Blake Edwards) (features:  The Pink Panther, A Shot In the Dark, The Return Of the Pink Panther, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Revenge Of the Pink Panther, Trail Of the PinK Panther)

The Ubrellas Of Cherbourg Criterion Edition  (Jacques Demy)

The Vampire (Paul Landres)

The Young Girls Of Rochefort Criterion Edition  (Jacques Demy)


also:  Hidden Figures, Is the Order a Rabbit? Season 2, Mars, Monster Trucks, To Walk Invisible: the Bronte Sisters, War On Everyone

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coming April 18 2017:


l'Assassino Special Edition (Elio Petri)

Buena Vista Social Club Criterion Edition (Wim Wenders)

Contamination .7 (Joe D'Amato)

Donnie Darko 4 disc Limited Edition (Richard Kelly)

The Handmaid's Tale (Volker Schlöndorff)

Killjoys Season 2

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave Special Edition (Emilio Miraglia)

The Red Queen Kills Seven Times Special Edition (Emilio Miraglia)

Soldiers Of the Damned  (Mark Nuttall)

Tales From the Hood Collectors Edition (Rusty Cundieff)

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles 

Woman Of the Year Criterion Edition (George Stevens)


Also:  Addicted To Porn, The Founder, Home Fires Season 2, A League Of Their Own 25th Anniversary Edition, The Sex Addict, Punching Henry, Sleepless, Split


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coming May 16


Ben  (Phil Karlson)

Good Morning (Yasujiro Ozu)

The Mummy Ultimate Collection (includes Mummy 1999, Mummy Returns, Mummy Tomb Of the Dragon Emperor and the Scorpion King (Stephen Sommers)

Railroad Tigers (Ding Sheng)

Resident Evil the Complete Collection

Resident Evil the Final Chapter (Paul Anderson)

Return Of the Dragon (Bruce Lee)

Streets Of Fire Collector's Edition (Walter Hill)

Willard (Daniel Mann)


Also:  12 Pound Balls, Joe's War, The Space Between Us, XXX the Return Of Xander Cage

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some of this again:


DVD and Blu Ray releases for May 30 2017:


The Blackcoat's Daughter (Oz Perkins)

Ghost World Criterion Edition (Terry Zwigoff)

The Last Kingdom Season 2

Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Project 2 (Includes the films Insiang, Law Of the Border, Limite, Mysterious Object At Noon, Revenge, Taipei Story) (by Lutfi O. Akad, Lino Brocka, Mario Peixoto, Ermek Shinarbaev, Apichatpong Weerasethakul)

The Sheik blu ray (George Melford)

Speed Racer the Complete Series


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