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hEllo all so my son was playing a game called minicraft and i started hearing him yell at his tv. so i went to his room and i saw a giant larg green pe*nis blew him up. i sayed "what the heck ar you doing mister" and he responded that that was a creper? why wad he playing a game where a creep would touch him?!?today i took him to church for god to forgive him of playing such a vile game. Don't buy from the minicraft comppany ! they saiyd that theyr'e games are chidren apropiate but they try to trick ouur kids into becoming satinests! and have sex before marry that is sin.

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Many people always ask me how I was able to get into Harvard as a 16 year old who skipped 3 grades of high school. They think I got in because of my scholarly records, but no the key is the interview.


As I sat in the Harvard Dean's office in front of the board of reviewers for my application, the Dean asks me "Why should you be a good candidate for this school?" They seemed bored but I replied "Well I was born a child prodigy, placed 1st in my state spelling bee for three consecutive years, I can speak eight different languages not counting Latin, play four different instruments, I skipped grades 4 through 6, and graduated my high school as valedictorian at the age of 14. I then worked as an intern at both Telsa, and NASA." Suddenly the room burst into laughter and many of board instantly started scribbling down "No" near the application check marks. The Dean says "Sorry but you are just not the type we are looking for." But then I said "Excuse me but I wasn't finished... I watch Rick and Morty" The Dean looked at me like an idiot and said "So....?" Then I replied with a smile "And I understand all the references and subtle jokes" An audible gasp let out by the board was so loud the secretary had to come in. You could hear a pin drop and then suddenly all at once the entire board clicked their pens on the "Approved Box" and I was instantly handed a diploma and now I'm teaching advanced physicals there. I guess you can say I'm pretty smart. :)


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Calling?all?units?, shots?fired?


Shots?fired?in front of the Su?️reme store?


There's about to be a 261?in progress


Send all available units?


Send in the ?️ack-up?


Send in the ?️ig ?guns?


Send in the ?canine unit?


Send in the... fuck??‍✈️


?I wanna be gay??️‍? 'cause you're fucked and I


wanna savour it?


But it's cool?, after smashing? you I'll PayPal you




Oh, no!?You getting mad??


Gonna knock the phone?right out of my hand✋??


That shit?was fucking absurd?


You're a "rapper" who can't resolve shit? with




Talk like you eating some paste?, ?️yy


Is that your IQ or your age?? ?️yy


Say to your audience face??, ?️yy


How Jacob Sartorious?? tastes


?️yy, you look afraid?, must have seen a ghost?




Well, ditto, little ?️itch, but I'm not scared? to


show mine 


W?️?️!??You've been pretending?


Ever since your little rice?balls⚽️ descended⬇️


Let kids??think you did it all?


When you weren't capable of making up playground




That's bad?, but then I heard??you try to rap?


I was more disappointed?than when I found out


?️asey Neistat?didn't have nice tats


?️oy, gotta flex?️


Gotta flex?, flex?, flex?️


Because when?you've got no?personality


Replace it with a Rolex??⌚


You really don't see your friends??‍♂️??‍♀️ rolling their




Hoping to die??, they're so tired?


Of you throwing the price?of what you buy in their




N?️, n?️, n?️, n?️, you think they're gonna say


  "Oh my God?, you're such a legend??


You make me so wet?with your reckless




You gained my respect?and you're oh so funny?


Please, take me to your mansion?and fuck me!? ?"


You're fucking delusional??‍?


So try your best to remember?


You are not a pimp??


You're a borderline sex offender?


Diss boy a flavor?of the month?


But which is it, huh??


A whiney?Vietnamese? wanna-be gangsta?


It's salt?and vinegar??‍♂️


You're like Kanye??‍♂️without the talent?


Like Jackie Chan?but a little ?


Like Soulja Boy but?


Actually, yeah, you're exactly like Soulja Boy?? 


Say you don't wanna look like a little bitch??


But, dude, you're gonna be crucified☠️⚰️


How can you claim that shit?


When you're to scared to go in on PewDiePie???‍?? 


Little hoe, little bitch??


Suck my 5.3 inch dick?


Admit that you just got pounded⚒


I'd say "take the L" if you could pronounce it??


(Get it, because you're Asian??)


(That's what you wanted, right??)


(Hey, let's make fun of the Asian boy with his Asian


boyish eyes?)


Jesus Christ?, you're as predictable as a house




To call you surface?level would be an insult to the


ground floor?




Whatever you've promised to follow➡️, you've




You can't persist for shit?, you narcissistic?




Your audience is fickle?, here's what I predict?


Your channel's bound to crash??down to rubble☄️


(oh, no!)


How the fuck can someone called Gum?


Not realise they're in a bubble??


But let me guess?, I'm irrelevant?, right?


Isn't that your excuse??


When you're too stupid?to explain your views?


'Cause you're as basic?as a one-block1️⃣ Rubik's




You're an insecure?, unoriginal ??little bitch??


and that's that


So, come to think of it?


You're actually the dog filter? on Snapchat??


  Got cash?, cash?, money? and the views? and


the clicks?


And yet?you're always gonna be a little bitch??


Now I'm finished as planned?


It was just three minutes so it wasn't that bad‼️??


But I got 1️⃣one question to ask you, ?️ro ?


Did it feel good, though???


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??????? Mathematician: How to write 4 in between a 5? China: Is this a Joke? Japan: Impossible! America: The question's wrong!! UK: Rubbish !! India: F(IV)E This is the reason you find Indians everywhere in the world in finance, business, medicine, engineering & arts... anything to do with optimising your brain!! British: Can u Swim? Indian: No British: Then a Dog is Better den u because It Swims. Indian: Can u Swim? British: Yes! Indian: Then What's the Difference between u & Dog… British Shocked,Faints!! Indian Rocks! ? ? European : Y do U indians come in all colors, look at us,we R all white..? Abdul Kalam: Horses too come in different colors but donkeys R all the same..!!! ??☺?? Send to all Indians all over the globe! Magic ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Missing Indian flag in this? Don't worry send this message to only 2 groups u will shock to see all these flags will become Indian flags Created by: engineering students Of CIT

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Rick and Morty IS for people with high IQs. I do not care how many times the trolls of this group spam the popular “You need a high IQ” post with sarcastic and mocking intent. You act as a hive mind, a flock of Jerrys, if you will, who envy the smart-minded, wishing to become one of us. You deflect your idiocy onto us, putting us in the negative light. In reality, we are superior beings. We are the Rocks, and you are just the Mortys, making us look even smarter in comparison.


As Albert Einstein, and extremely smart historical figure whom people like the trolls surely do not know, once said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not so sure about the universe.”.


Do us Ricks a favor and leave this group And NEVER return. You wouldn’t wand people like us getting angry.

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Dora the Explorer is actually much deeper than most viewers think. It is much more than a kid's show, it has clevers references and a hidden backstory for the adults watching with their infant but most older consumers do not understand them because they are simply not smart enough to. For example, Boots the monkey is deeply inspired by Hanuman from Indian mythology. Hanuman is revered for his bravery, loyalty, and devotion. Guess which monkey is loyal, brave, and devoted to Dora? That's right, Boots. But it's not just Boots. What about Swiper? Foxes are often characterised to be sly and cunning. In Dogon mythology, the pale fox is the trickster god of the desert. He would only come out in attempt to fool man whether that was for personal gain or simply for his own amusement. He was often fended off by being yelled at. Swiper the fox shares these characteristics. Now you may be wondering hiw deep this show goes, so ask yourself this: where is the rest of Dora's family? We have met Dora's mother and father, her twin baby brother and sister, her two cousins Diego and Alicia (who also love exploring, take note, this will come up later) and Dora's grandmother. Now Dora's parents and grandmother are clearly not the explorer type since they hardly ever leave the house. So who taught Dora to read maps, swing from vines and to keep safe? The same can be asked for Diego and Alicia, who also know how to talk to animals and track them. Also note how we never see any family of Diego and Alicia aside from Dora's family. They even live alone in the jungle. Here's my theory: an uncle of Dora (who would also be the mother or father of Diego and Alicia) taught the children the skills to explore and taught Diego and Alicia to care for animals but died in action. Now Dora loves to explore but doesn't know how to look after animals. What if this mystery uncle was training Dora to look after animals but died before he could finish? It makes sense. Now you may be asking me how I know its an uncle. If you are, you are clearly one of the many intellectually lacking peasants who cannot understand the deeper meanings of Dora the Explorer, it is glaringly obvious: Boots is the uncle; the uncle is recruiting Dora but then dies in action, then he is reincarnated as Boots to continue his training and to watch over Dora. The parents clearly have no worries about Dora going off with only a monkey to care for her. So do they family know who Biots really is? "Then what happens after Boots fully trains Dora" the inferior viewers ask. Well obviously Dora will go live with Diego and Alicia to look after the creatures of the jungle and then Boots will train the twins Guillermo and Isabella. And whoever comes next in the family will be trained before Boots passes away and Alicia will take over as the teacher, proud of the legend he has passed on. Still think Dora the Explorer is for kids now?

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