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Not only is she possibly a lesbian character, but Giselle Gewelle is trans, and she's not stereotypical or "ugly" or "manly".  She's legitimately as cute as any other Bleach girl, and what's more she's one of the most powerful and troublesome Quincies the Soul Reapers have to deal with, and she gets lots of screen time, tons of fight time, and she even joins the good guys with some of the others later on!  I really hope she wasn't killed by Bach along with the other Stern Ritters that joined the Soul Reapers against Bach. 


Many Bleach readers thought she was cute and many were disappointed when it was confirmed she's trans, and even in a data book that she still has a... thingy.  Several characters, particularly Yumichika, act like transphobic assholes, which she naturally gets pissed off about.  She doesn't say one way or another if they are "right" about her "not really being a girl," she just gets pissed and starts laying out ass beatings.  But yeah, Kubo is... much better with LGBT characters than most Japanese entertainment creators, even if he doesn't always etch things into stone and make it super obvious for you with some character stuff, particularly sexuality and romance.  I'm sure it probably has to do with his "no romance" policy... which he nonsensically abandons in the last several months of the manga, when up until then it had been mostly teasing and trolling on the romance front (not that the final pairings aren't a massive troll in and of themselves).  But okay.


But I mean, how can you not love this face? <3





















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if that were Rangiku her breasts would be about 10 times bigger and much more pendulous

Also Rangiku is a Strawberry Blonde.


That's actually Candiss Catnip, a Quincy girl, Stern Ritter (their elite knights, like the Captains or Espada of the Wandenreich/Quincies), with Lightning Powers.

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What in the blue hell?  Who moved this thread?  Going by this logic, any show past or present, that's been on Toonami, can't be discussed in the Anime folder.  There's still threads over there pertaining to "Toonami shows," by the way, and not just the ones I made about Bleach (which are still there, even as this one was arbitrarily moved).


So, we just move threads at the whims of trolls, now?


I had my reasons for posting this where I did.  It's true that Bleach, at least the last part of it, aired on Toonami, but with the Toonami Folder we don't really talk about legacy shows that much.  It's mostly for talking about current things airing and going on with Toonami.  What's more, the Toonami users will show up in the Anime Folder, but you don't see the Anime Folder people much in the Toonami Folder, so it would get more traffic and be more relevant for this thread to remain where it was.


So, I again question the logic of this decision.

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