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shocked that the nearest walmart had a manga section earlier this year


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sadly it barely lasted a couple months before the Manga Banner With One Punch Man Displayed was taken down and all the manga's were removed....(except for a few lonely unsold one punch man volumes)


i have no idea why they were even there in the first place  but it was a joy picking up stuff like Soul Eater  Durarara And Attack On Titan At Walmart of all places


what puzzles me is that this seemed like a test and one that clearly didn't have positive results so walmart decided to axe their plans of a manga section in the books aisle


but nobody else online seems to have mentioned such a thing....should i count myself lucky for even seeing walmart stock a plentiful supply of manga at one time?



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Sounds like a special occasion. Ever since Naruto faded in popularity, Walmart has had on-again, off-again relationships with a manga section. Some places had a small section for a short time while others lumped in a couple copies of Shounen Jump manga with the rest of the books.

Anime is rising in popularity again actually.....not to the extent it was back before the anime and Manga crash in 2007 though
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