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This place is looking lively..


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Guess I'll just go back to playing my randomized pokemon red rom hac.  :|


Quick update I've now caught all three of the old eveelutions, and I might end up seeing if they make a decent

combo. Right now I'm still using the same team of six I first caught. Flareon, Rhyhorn, Dedenne, Shaymin,

a Beeheeyem I named AYY LMAO, and a Hitmonlee. My Flareon starter just learned firespin


so maybe it'll be more fun..


Oh yeah so basically it's the same game as red, but I hacked it to give random starters, and any wild pokemon

encounter is a random pokemon from gen 1-4 legendaries included all with the same old gigantic pixelly

pokemon red sprites!  I also get random pick up items, and random tms with later gen tms included.



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