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  1. Whoever you are talking to, I'm sure they have the opposite feelings for you.
  2. Copied another person to make yourself feel good. Typical
  3. Never said I was a grammar expert. I just said that this guy is an idiot.
  4. You are still dumb as ever. I was hoping that with the 2 months I was away, that you would have grown up a bit, but nope. A first grader still has more common sense then you.
  5. Ahh yes. Here we see a freak in his natural habitat... I'd say its a shame these things are going extinct, but I'd be lying. Honestly I couldn't be happier if he would just drop dead. 😁
  6. The only reason you like girls who are simple is because you are also simple yourself. You talk about underage girls all day... You talk about how you are an "alpha", which at least your good at telling fiction stories. Oh, you're also good at talking about how tiny your pp is. Now that is the only true thing you have ever said about yourself.
  7. So. Your saying if they cast anyone like you, everyone would hate it? Because I completely agree with that statement.
  8. Breaking an entering.... Surprised you haven't been arrested yet
  9. You really are disgusting, aren't you? Go back to being hungover and leave everyone alone.
  10. .-. I feel bad for your parents. They must have been so sick of your crying that they intentionally dropped you on your head. Note: This happened last year.
  11. Yeah sure. That's what you were doing. You totally weren't too drunk to move, and had a terrible hangover the past few days. Ok.
  12. Well... Zenigundam hasn't got arrested yet.... So... Terrible .-.
  13. Uh, no butterflies. I'd just be puking, then crying, then wishing I would die, then puke again
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