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  1. I tried to get this girl I know to come on here

    Says the 30 year old virgin
  2. Those Zenigundam Feels

    What I get from this is.. "I want every girl I see, but they all reject me, so Ill be a virgin forever *Cri*"
  3. .-. Dude... Seriously.. Before you go correcting other peoples spellings, you should go correct that retarded brain of yours.
  4. Oh, Its the same for you too. Shows how much I pay attention
  5. Just a question, how do you know me from the comment section? Just curious.
  6. Zenigundam is...

    Will. You. Answer. The. Damn. Question.
  7. Zenigundam is...

    Again I ask, do you live in America?
  8. One, just because someone is smarter then you, and can actually type more then a sentence, doesn't mean that they are crying ffs ... And crying is actually a sign that you have emotions, which is something you dont have, considering all you think about is underage girls .-.
  9. You would probably get arrested, because you would look like a child predator, which tbh, I think you are technically considered one. Which, Creating bots and such can actually be a very good career...
  10. Did you seriously correct me? Would you like me to find all the things you've messed up?
  11. Haaammm! Fwend Ham! Yey! ^-^
  12. What do you mean "nerdy"? At least he has done more with his life then you
  13. Are you my friend Ham, or are you a random Ham that found his way here? You sound like my friend Ham, but maybe all wild Hams are like this
  14. Let's play would you rather...

    No idea who that is soo .-.