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  1. https://deadspin.com/report-antonio-brown-sent-threatening-texts-to-artist-1838272369 https://deadspin.com/patriots-cut-antonio-brown-after-one-game-1838295719 more likely the threatening texts he sent to the artist did him in. i guess they thought they had another Randy Moss but turns out to be much worse with the baggage surfacing now.
  2. Thanks. I needed another TE after dropping Hooper before week 1. I got lots of rookie WRs but no reliable backup TEs or RBs.
  3. https://www.apnews.com/c2780653e7934908856bfbf00eafddf1 given that my state has refused to sign on to the proposal of their bankruptcy and so many others too, i wonder how long it'll take to settle this? and will that revelation that the New York AG made that the Sackler family may had tried to hide nearly $1 Billion in assets in corporate shells and offshore accounts affect the outcome of the impending settlements?
  4. Yeah, fuck the Saints fandom and the organization. You guys lost and made such a stink that the NFL now has to babysit a random touchdown looking for fouls.
  5. Bears won with a FG after 1 second on the clock and a timeout to help them. very close game since Denver had a last minute spurt to the end zone and a penalty to offset a missed FG to a 2 Pt conversion to take the lead with 30 seconds left.
  6. Vikings and Packers game is a clusterfuck.
  7. Ash Ketchum won his first Pokemon League.
  8. 2Pac dead and a lot of other events that happened centuries ago.
  9. i'm curious as to how they found you and ask if you wanted to model for their car club calendar.
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