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  1. batman vs teenage mutant turtles

    it was good, could've been better.
  2. Samurai Shamploo turns 15

    Damn. 15 years ago, this show was mildly popular.
  3. with a catch... fakku is running the show so, expect preview clips and mid-range pricing subscription tiers.
  4. https://www.propublica.org/article/intuit-ceo-in-internal-video-hiding-free-turbotax-was-in-best-interest-of-taxpayers Upper echelon Capitalism greed.
  5. happy birthday ciddy

    @cidthekitty @Cidz 2 different accounts but still the same person, one of them will reach her in her busy life.
  6. https://gizmodo.com/netflix-is-losing-some-of-its-most-popular-shows-thank-1834763303 this time, it's AT&T/Time Warner coming in late to the party but would like everyone to know that they're pulling out their catalog from Netflix into their own streaming service down the road. Meanwhile, NBCUniversal/Comcast will be launching their own streaming in 2020 for free but with ads, kind of like free Hulu before Hulu Plus. but eventually, they'll start charging you for their service with no ads after getting you to subscribed and annoyed with their ad breaks. next thing you know, you're subscribed to 50+ streaming sites, paying different prices for services that'll eventually add up like a cable bill but without cable.
  7. Final Fantasy 7 remake rare footage

    We'll know more when June comes around.
  8. Birdgirl is Back

    Heck yeah
  9. nt

  10. Reaction Pics Thread