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  1. Hey, @bnmjy, out of curiosity, would a lamp fit under your clothes? And possibly some figurines and a lunch box? Also, please tell your friend, "Fuck you!" while giving the finger with both hands as a message from me.
  2. It's really fucked up what that company and the building owners are doing to her. I bet those assholes are hoping Amina's too dispirited to fight them and leaves her apartment as-is for them to profit off of. But like Jesus Christ, now you gotta worry about being booted from your place if you decorate your shit too nicely and it goes viral. Oh and Lisa Frank has always been a shitshow.
  3. Me earlier: Hey, that Reddit Relationships looks fun. I'll go take a peek. First post: My brother wants to have sex with me Me: I'm out! Close tab. Like damn, why couldn't it start with something a little more chill like regular in-law drama? Nope, the in-law drama right underneath it was a chick about to marry into a family where the FIL murdered his wife. Ugh, guess I'll find some other way to relax.
  4. These shootings are traumatizing enough without having to see Shaun King's face spamming the hashtags. I can usually scroll past him without any problems but it feels like he's posting every five minutes. It actually aggravated me enough to block him.
  5. After these last two books are finished, I'mma do this right with a tasty rice dish and Darkwing Duck.
  6. Some freaky shit went down at Dyatlov Pass. Russian experiment or whatever, it was some freaky ass shit.
  7. This is why I don't like going to bars, clubs or parties not run by my close friends. Instead of just dancing and having fun, I always have to be aware of where the other person's hands are because at least 70% of the time they try to grab my waist so they can grind on me. Dudes who pull that shit get elbowed with zero warning. Men could worry less about rejection if more of them acted like they had some goddamn common sense.
  8. Prince of Tennis 2. I forgot how hot his daddy is.
  9. I look at the person's whole face while not focusing on any specific part.
  10. You're doing better than me. I made the damn list and still forgot to turn on the tv last night.
  11. Nah, all the good stuff is at the bottom. You just gotta be shaken a few times to be a properly mixed hypocrite scumbag. Believe in yourself.
  12. I have no clue. It doesn't really have markings on it, and I got it used at a place that's literally called Dirt Cheep Music. I loved that clarinet because it was wooden instead of plastic and had a different sound, but I had to give it up completely after my car accident. That honestly felt worse than giving up drawing because that was years of consistent practice flushed down the toilet. I've been slowly getting back into old hobbies, so I will play again.
  13. Less than a year after 9/11, my marching band went on a NY trip and we got to play like around the base of the Statue of Liberty because that's as close as you were allowed to get to it. We had to pass through a security checkpoint first and remove our instruments from our cases piece by piece to demonstrate that there weren't bombs in them or whatever. My clarinet was too important to risk any of it being left behind, so my full attention was on it and not the new purse with a big ass dragon statue I got in Chinatown. The purse got left behind without me even noticing it, and fifteen minutes later, a large group of laughing band members rushed to me. In between laughs, they're telling me how the left behind bulky ass purse freaked out security to the point that they were talking about closing off the whole area. Luckily, the other band members knew what was in the bag and quickly spoke up, but I had to be tracked down to confirm the bag's contents. So I run back to the checkpoint where there's twice as much security now. By then, they were pretty sure my bag didn't have a bomb in it because the lady in charge shoved it at me and angrily said, "We were about to call bomb disposal!" I apologized like a dozen times and then ran off because it was fucking embarrassing. The rest of the band laughed about that shit for weeks afterwards.
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