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  1. Nope. Too much mental torture watching him for more than a minute.
  2. I'm down for most of what's been suggested except this. I can't stand Tom Green.
  3. I never thought that you would be our board's romance anime connoisseur.
  4. Happy Birthday shampoo commercial hair dude!
  5. Forgot about Cross Game. Hey, I thought there was an unspoken rule not to acknowledge Usagi Drop as a romantic story.
  6. Tokyo Godfathers is in the not quite 100% family friendly category but still heartwarming to me.
  7. *Googles* Jesus H. Christ, he actually said that! Luckily they were just guests on a morning show because Lizzo does not need more negative attention. As for Buttigieg, I need like some German word to describe an instant dislike of someone and then proven correct later on.
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