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  1. Seconding Baccano and Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. Haikyu! - volleyball anime but it's really fun to watch. Trigun - an action classic along the lines of Cowboy Bebop that starts off goofy, but then pulls a 180 on you. Natsume's Book of Friends - a very relaxing anime about a boy who can see monsters and the adventures he has with them once he accepts his gift. Some of the stories can make you cry, but it's mostly heartwarming. March Comes in Like a Lion - it's about a young professional Shogi player who lost his family and how he deals with his depression while also learning how to let people in his heart again. Yuri on Ice - ice skating with a very well done gay romance. It's not graphic in any way and relies on storytelling to develop the relationship. Yona of the Dawn - a great fantasy show about a princess learning to survive after her father is murdered and she has to go on the run. It has really good character building. Shiki - small Japanese village goes bonkers after vampires arrive and start killing people. The best vampire show that I've seen in years.
  2. That's my bad. I should have said 'maybe' instead of 'probably'.
  3. Do what Katt says and try to get that bill reduced as soon as possible. Sometimes there are like 30-day deadlines to even qualify for a reduction. Also, while the bill will still be high after a reduction if you get it, you may not have to pay all of it anyways because down the line whoever you owe money to will probably offer you lump sum deals just to get you off their books.
  4. You don't have to talk about what's going on, you can just curse up a storm about why it's shit, and we'll listen.
  5. You got a lot of nerve calling other folks that when you're a walking neo-nazi checklist.
  6. Enjoy yourself. My ankle is shit and there's too much work to get through, so I'm skipping this year.
  7. I'm talking about multiple members starting topics asking for health advice instead of seeing a doctor even when they have health insurance.
  8. Jesus H. Christ. Dudes are still crying about She-Ra not being fap material for them? Do they have jobs? How can you go on whining about anything with women cooties for this long?
  9. Ooph. At least they're taking your symptoms seriously.
  10. *Sigh* Hopefully I have enough money to get a multi region player this year. March Comes in Like a Lion has a prettier region b release that's decently priced. Might still have to pay out the ass for The Irregular at Magic High School and Fate/Zero though.
  11. As least you're smart enough to go to the doctor unlike some folks here. I hope they find out what's wrong and can fix it without you paying an arm and a leg.
  12. I hate how much money Aniplex is gonna suck out of me during the fall/winter holiday season. Fate/Zero has a new blu-ray release coming, I need to get all of March Comes in Like a Lion before that sucker goes up in price, and I want The Irregular at Magic High School before that goes out of print again. *Sigh* Why must anime hurt me so?
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