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  1. Anyone work from home?

    I'm supposed to be, but I'm being very lazy because of all the shit we had to prep this weekend for house repairs.
  2. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    I wish sites understood that less people would use stuff like Adblock if they weren't assholes about it. Either they have too goddamn many or don't care about ads with viruses on them that visitors might click on. None of the fixes I saw on Reddit worked, so I just opened up Crunchyroll in Firefox, and yay for not having to watch repetitive ads every three minutes.
  3. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    Shitballs. I don't watch Crunchyroll for a week, and now all of a sudden they figured how to stop adblock from blocking their ads. Or it's Chrome's fault. Argh! I'm too lazy to fuck with this right now.
  4. you guys ever get sick of anime??

    I'm conflicted. I want to break that out of principle, but it's actually cute. *shrugs* HULK SMASH!
  5. you guys ever get sick of anime??

    Even if every new show was loli hell, I still have at least 1200 anime on my watchlist to keep my interest for many years to come.
  6. i'm ded

    You go into George Martin's place, be nosy, and then float back to tell us who gets the throne at the end.
  7. Catherine Fullbody **SPOILERS**

    Wut? LGBT rights have been a pretty big issue for years over there because of stuff like this: https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/forced-surgery-sterilization-japan-s-trans-community-faces-uphill-battle-n870411 Google is a thing you know.
  8. Leave a message to a user without saying who it is

    We're good. They'll never find it.
  9. Catherine Fullbody **SPOILERS**

    It's a leak of a game that I have zero interest in playing and was only curious about why I saw it trending. People get upset about this because storylines involving characters who are trans get mishandled a lot in games, movies, etc. You're going to see a lot of mistrust until that changes.

    With the exception of Chinese restaurants that have Peking Duck(really fucking hard to get in the deep south), I will not eat at places with scores below a B. Waffle Houses around here have mostly A's or B's anyway, so *shrug*.
  11. Catherine Fullbody **SPOILERS**

    The post doesn't say that people lied about the ending(Erica not transitioning), and that seems what people are genuinely upset about. The other stuff isn't getting mentioned that much. I'm just saying that it's not just Mochi.
  12. Catherine Fullbody **SPOILERS**

    Not really. The actor who starred in Wings of Desire(on my watchlist because I never see Peter Falk in anything artsy) died so that'll knock out smaller trends today.
  13. Catherine Fullbody **SPOILERS**

    The game company that made it is trending on twitter with a shit load of negative comments, so it's not just him.

    Our Bojangles makes the local news because of their low food scores, so no bo-berry biscuits for me.