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  1. People randomly saying Happy Father's day

    Workers tend to pick people who seem polite enough not to make a scene about it.
  2. People randomly saying Happy Father's day

    Essentially, you look over a certain age and not raggedy. This country still has the mentality that successful adults have at least one child and feels the need to celebrate those assumptions even when it makes people uncomfortable. Women definitely get it a lot on Mother's Day too.
  3. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    There are cops everywhere hidden in every ditch they could fucking find. I think they're out in huge numbers to score easy traffic tickets from folks going to Bonnaroo. Can't wait to get out of Tennessee.
  4. How is everybody doing today?

    That sucks. I know enough people not talking to their families that I don't take how cool mine are for granted.
  5. How is everybody doing today?

    Thanks. It helps to only keep in contact with the ones we like 😁.
  6. How is everybody doing today?

    Pretty good. I'm traveling to Indianapolis to visit family who I only get to see about once a year or two.
  7. Pinterest

    Story inspiration and home decor stuff mostly.
  8. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!! I accidentally saw a spoilery pic on tumblr about the What We Do in the Shadows cameos! Waaaahhhh! That would have been the best surprise, and now I fucking know who will pop up. GODDAMMIT! Why do I have so much work right now and can't watch nice things?
  9. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    *Watches publisher blowup get bigger and bigger* It turns out that my health problems helped me dodge another bullet, but it's still frustrating as fuck watching lgbt presses fall like this. And it's not because of Amazon that this shit happens, it's always some screw up on their own part that they blame everyone else for.
  10. Haters/Complainers: Legacy of Spleen

    Awesome. Bigots are fucking up social media searches for writer stuff because they're using words incorrectly again.
  11. So Netflix might be losing Frasier now?

    You really are checking all the boxes, aren't you?
  12. I don't give a shit about will they/won't they because I been at 'wish a motherfucker would'.
  13. It's so horrifying that people take stuff like that seriously in the UK. Especially since being lgbt in places like the UK is so easy nowadays. https://metro.co.uk/2019/06/07/gay-couple-beaten-refusing-kiss-mens-entertainment-9854367/
  14. Yo Riverdale is wild trash

    All I know about this show are Drake memes.
  15. i too, have a controversial opinion.

    I've never tried it because my Marshmallow Fluff always got used for sundaes or shakes.