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  2. I really need to finish this game. I get pretty far each time, then I get sidetracked by shit and have to restart, because I'm one of those people who play games and need to restart if I haven't touched a save file in weeks. I'd probably be able to actually clear the game in a few days if I play it on normal setting instead of classic that has perma death.
  3. This thread is for theories not facts!
  4. The govt didn't cause 9/11 but they could have prevented it and didn't think that the highjackers were going highjack and kamikaze into buildings without negotiations. The plan was just to arrest them when they got off the planes. The plane that went down in summerset was actually shot down by a jet before it could reach it's destination. The black box was fabricated to inspire americans to go down fighting. The "lets roll" before the passengers storm the cockpit like a cartoon 80s action hero like short slogan that would be easy for people to remember and be inspired by. Though this will look better to americans than the alternative of, "whoops we fucked up, our bad sorry we had to shoot the plane down because the needs of the many yada yada, never forget". I don't believe strongly enough in it to debate it, anytime people get outraged by the theory I'm just like "yeah you're probably right". Though I do think that it is more likely than the story that was given to us.
  5. Fugs you look like you're ready to slap the black outta someone. Nabones setting the new par for poverty. The only way I think to up this would be someone trying to take a picture of their reflection in a mud puddle because they can't afford a screen door with some glass in it. In fact I am now skeptical if that is even your own door, and you didn't just go to some random persons house to use their door as a mirror. I imagine this could be a daily thing, like brushing your teeth while looking into people's windows, or popping a zit. You have become an urban legend in the towns you drift through, a modern big foot of our day.
  6. I finished Parasite Eve recently. Played some Dragon Quest XI and Mario Maker 2 oh, and also Splatterhouse
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  8. I'll do a new list that doesn't have a compilation with 50 or so games in it this time. SNES Super Mario All-Stars + World Final Fantasy III F-Zero Super Ghouls n' Ghosts Super Metroid or if we did have online service maybe Switch Super Mario Maker 2 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Final Fantasy VII/VIII Twin Pack Stardew Valley
  9. I got the answer right? Well done to me.
  10. Wow why is t he vapor wave?
  11. Do you have basic cable? We have the Starz/Encore tier on our current Dish Network package with other channels like HD.Net Movies, EPIX, Sony, MoviePlex, Retroplex, etc. Even though we have tons of channels, it is somewhat frustrating that more Halloween and Horror themed movies aren't airing. However, I find it somewhat irksome that some of the premium channels are showing out of season movies. Earlier this month, the original and remake versions of My Bloody Valentine aired. Like why? Considering it's a Valentine's Day Slasher Horror film, save that movie for the first 2 months of the new year; Save it for January and February NOT October. Early Saturday evening, HD.Net Movies aired Secret Window, which was based on Stephen King's novella Secret Window, Secret Garden. I contacted STARZ via e-mail and social media requesting them to air Wolf. For the last 25 years, I haven't seen Wolf in its entirety. Last year, The Sony Channel aired it only once and I missed the first 30 minutes of the movie. It aired early in the morning. Had I not been scrolling through the TV Guide, I would've missed the entire movie. Rather than STARZ and Encore Suspense constantly re-airing the SCREAM trilogies throughout the year, the networks should be airing Wolf and some other Classic Horror films from the '90s and older. James Spader, Jack Nicholson, and Michelle Pfeiffer were the stars of Wolf. Seeing those 3 in the same movie together is hard to come by. Michelle and Jack have played in more than 1 movie together, especially in Horror. Now, James Spader being in the same movie with them happened I believe only once within the last 3 decades. It's amazing that he hasn't been in more Horror. This may sound like I'm fangirling over him, but James Spader has the ability to play quirky, creepy, evil, and sleazy roles to the extent that he can make someone's skin crawl. At least it seems that way to me.
  12. Is there actually a conspiricy theory claiming dinosaurs were aliens other than the stuff put out on Ancient Aliens? Everybody and everything is an alien on that show..
  13. That why I said "there wont be too many". Murphys law still applies.
  14. I'm sorry Rouge, that was too much honesty. I didn't want to hurt your feelings. How about a sunshine pic to make you feel better?
  15. Rogue, who are you kidding? The reason you ban me is because you're weak and insecure. You come in to my threads to start shit and then duck under the covers of your modship. Honestly, I just feel bad for you so I usually hold back. I know how sensitive you are, so I use lighthearted wrestling gifs because it's all I think you can handle. You're so weak I thought you might even ban me and say you felt threatened. That is how little I think of you and what you have to say. But go on... tell me I'm wrong.
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