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  2. I'm not entirely sure why immediately beating the shit out of Nazis is a bad a thing in the first place.
  3. clit measuring contest . . . another keeper. *kegelspasm*
  4. Kinda shocking, I thought our elections were controlled by corporate donors. Who knew?
  5. Today
  6. Aww man, they didn't get to brain any fascists? That's disappointing. Next time!
  7. THIS coming from YOU, Mr "Black Lives Don't Matter"??? GTFOH you actual factual dactual racist
  8. Happy Birthday and many more! Eat, drink, and be scary!🎊:balloon::spookyskull:🎂🥂

  9. Do what Katt says and try to get that bill reduced as soon as possible. Sometimes there are like 30-day deadlines to even qualify for a reduction. Also, while the bill will still be high after a reduction if you get it, you may not have to pay all of it anyways because down the line whoever you owe money to will probably offer you lump sum deals just to get you off their books.
  10. The ending sure wasn't.
  11. https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2014/07/portland_police_capt_mark_krug.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  12. A Place Further Than the Universe. All the stuff on your to-watch list is pretty good (except Guilty Crown imo) but I'd recommend Haibane Renmei the most of those listed.
  13. School days was boring as fuck.
  14. Everyone has gotta watch School days once. Do it!
  15. At least you don't have an insurance company to argue with fighting against you every step of the way, but I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this horrible incoming medical debt from going to the hospital once ever on top of the actually real thing that you're dealing with now. But it's good you're there, they know what they're doing and hopefully they will give you some good information about your body. Positive squad
  16. Mister @Top Gun has some excellent recommendations! I would especially second My Hero Academia because it is just such a fantastic show. It seems like you’ve got a few different genres you enjoy so I’ll just toss a couple out here for your consideration: - if you want something a little dark and unusual, I love Madoka Magica. It takes the whole magical girl theme and puts a big twist on it that really results in some next level mind duckery. - I truly adore Konosuba, but have you tried any other shows in the “stuck in a game” genre? Log Horizon is a great one if you’re looking for something thoughtful and immersive. (Not as cheeky, but still a favorite.) Or, if you’re looking for shows that have a similar sense of humor to Konosuba, you might find you enjoy something like Heaven’s Lost Property. - You might like Deadman Wonderland based on some of the other shows you’ve watched. Similarly, Prison School is a really offbeat dystopian show and it’s pretty strange but I like it. (The live action is on Funimation and that’s worth watching too, if you like the series!) - If you liked TTGL and Kill la Kill, check out Punch Line. It uses some of the same production staff members as these other shows and I found it to be similarly crazy and offbeat. The plot is sort of a funny sci-fi mixed with paranormal vibe. - Other shows that I like and would rec in general: Ghost in the Shell, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, and Rage of Bahamut.
  17. Lmao nah you're absolutely drowning here. "Saw some ads with a really low price for the corporate brand I googled" gtfoh w these lies
  18. It could also be musculo-skeletal. Meaning you pulled/tore a chest/pectoral/abdominal muscle. It happened to me. Had pains for days/weeks, then, one day, felt like I was dying and shit. Went in, and found out I snapped a band of chest muscles. Hurt like a BITCH.
  19. Then I shall kill 15 whole litters of puppies.
  20. So, what are the Embassy Suites like in San Diego?
  21. She called the doctor "Longshanks" and that amuses me greatly. Also I think she used the word "ken" at one point. Fantastic.
  22. When I saw him approach Lalah on the dock, I was like "NO! Walk away right now! Don't even look at her! Trust me, nothing good will come of this"
  23. Watch Land of the Lustrous
  24. Heh, I should have figured a few of those were givens. I've been watching series with a group of friends for over a decade, so let me think of some of the good stuff we've done more recently...I feel legally obligated to recommend Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to any and all comers if you haven't seen that on Toonami. Same goes for My Hero Academia, which is just a super-good shounen. For not-block stuff, Made in Abyss is a fantastic slice of horror dressed up in a really cute coat of paint. Land of the Lustrous is a fun show with far and away the best CGI usage I've ever seen in an anime series. Girls' Last Tour is a really chill yet thought-provoking series, really similar to Kino's Journey in tone if you're familiar with that one. And if you do like psychological stuff, you absolutely owe it to yourself to check out Ikuhara's works. Revolutionary Girl Utena is an absolute all-time classic series, and his more recent works Mawaru Penguindrum, Yurikuma Arashi, and the just-aired Sarazanmai all do some really crazy stuff with gender and sense of self and all sorts of fun weird shit.
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