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  2. contractors contracting

    thanks. they're moving along again today. working hard to get ahead of schedule, in anticipation of rain for the next 7 years. pouring the slab in the restroom and utility areas, rat walls on every exterior wall (i didn't ask for it but ok, he's the pro) and also the slab in the bar area. if they get all that done today, they have the rest of the week to get ready for pouring the rest of the slab in the public areas. shit, if the weather holds off, he might be done by the end of the week.
  3. GOT final ep poll

    Pretty sure we got almost to the end of the first season, and I really liked where the show was going. A lot.
  4. Keep voting for the concentration camps party bucket. If and when the shooting starts (oh yeah that's right there's been a lot of shooting)... well, just keep on doing opiates I suppose.
  5. Samurai Shamploo turns 15

    That show had a great sound track. battle cry and ending song shiko no futa
  6. Keep voting for the free goodies party sponge. If and when they bankrupt the country don't start crying.
  7. Game of Thrones Season 8 Discussion (spoilers)

    the difference? jon will be "sentenced to the night's watch" (read: freed) just like in the tv show, only when he continues on beyond the wall (also just like in the tv show) he'll hook up with that hotass val. the end.
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  9. GOT final ep poll

    one of my employees watched it as it aired and she raved about it. honestly, it's something i would probably enjoy quite a bit. just never really got around to it. and with the summer coming, i don't want to be tatered out on the couch while i should be doing shit outside.
  10. Pokémon Go

    So, if I’m near a glacial or mossy lure and evolve an eevee, do you think that counts as “use an item to evolve a Pokémon”? I think it should but ya never know lol
  11. Toonami MomoCon 2019 panel announcement predictions!

    Wasn’t Shield Hero the most viewed anime of Winter?
  12. What Youtube video are you watching?

  13. Your narrow minded efforts to kink shame me will not be successful.
  14. Pokémon Go

    Just got my first Ho-Oh from doing Field Research. It's cp1639 with Hidden Power and Fire Blast. Never got around to it but I caught my first Burmy, Shellos, and Arcanine last week. I had already been catching a lot of Growlithe since I started the game so I evolved the one I had and it was cp2300 something. I've leveled it up since then and now it's cp2525 with Fire Fang and Fire Blast. The Arcanine I originally caught wasn't nearly as good with cp1269.
  15. What Youtube video are you watching?

  16. You believe that if hillary had become president our international relations would suffer as much as they have during Trump? You believe that, had hillary become president, the deliberate unstaffing of governmental agencies to prevent their effectiveness would have been as severe? You think that hillary would have failed to take action or even condemn the acts of hostile nations who broke into our voting machines? You think hillary would have selected the head of a pyramid scheme company to run the education system? You think that hillary would force through hundreds of appointments for federal judges with lifetime appointments with no oversight? You think we would have concentration camps? You think the owner of a shipping company and asian brothel chain would be in charge of stopping human trafficking if Hillary was president? Do you think that hillary would have almost started war with NK ocer twitter by announcing that he wanted to bring all the family of statuoned military out of the area in preparation for an attack? You think hillary would have sold nuclear secrets to saudi Arabia in direct violation of US nuclear policy? Would hillary Clinton publically threaten people who attempt to testify against her? Would hilllary clinton refuse to testify under oath because she knowe she can't not lie? Would clinton have "lost" thousands of children? Would Hillary Clinton encourage violence against people she disagrees with politically? Would violent hate crimes have increased as much under clinton? Listen, i understand the belief that "its a politician on the right, its the same as a politician on the left," but you have to remember; the president isn't a politician. The president is a bankrupt gameshow host whom a hostile foreign government helped to install in order to sew discord.
  17. Tyler the Creator "IGOR"

    I had a good time listening to Igor. Some are put off by his singing, but the production on the album is solid enough that it doesn't take away from the album. "Gone, Gone / Thank You" has to be my favorite song off of Igor.
  18. What Youtube video are you watching?

  19. please be safe, poof. i couldnt handle it if something happened to you.
  20. Samurai Shamploo turns 15

    It feels odd how 2004 doesn't seem so long ago until you think about everything that's happened within the past 15 years. The timing is also good because I just heard a Nujabes/Shing02 song last week on a playlist and it took me back to Battlecry.
  21. Probably the Volgons...

    *grabs her towel*
  22. Probably the Volgons...

    well, i, for one, found the story quite exciting. @mthor damn mama...be nice.
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