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the SAO video games


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considering they're made by the same people as the .hack games


I'm assuming they're fundementally the same as the .hack series gameplay wise, but without the "email" portion of the game (since Kirito can't log out)




also apperently Kirito can fuck that Black guy in the most recent game.....makes sense since the 2nd proper .hack game had a Gay option (I do not consider anything after g.u. to be a proper game because //Link was a bizzare mixture of canon and non-canon material and involved time travel of all things, //Link was basically a fanfic.com fanfic that someone made into a game)


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I've played a little bit of the first one, don't like it so far. Characters are annoying and the gameplay is just okay.


well that's to be expected, SAO's characters are horrible


.hack's Gameplay isn't the greatest either but the games were unique for what they were at the time(being a fake emulation of an MMO)

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I feel like ever since I decided not to commit to getting a Vita, there's been hundreds of these SAO games and Miku games.


I'm not sure how the games work, but that's interesting that you can make Kirito get with a dude who isn't Klein




apparently the game has an affection mini-game which consists of answering romantic personal questions while rolling around in bed with the NPC of your choice in their underpants....so not actual sex but pretty close, and apparently that one Black dude Kirito was friends with is included among his Harem of girls as one of the NPC's Kirito can get in bed with


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