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You know what, changing this

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Has anyone successfully removed that AI overview shit from their Google.

I've done everything from turning it off manually to uninstalling and installing a bare bones version,  san updates, and the shit won't go away.

It annoying because it's often just fucking wrong... I s not even trying. I googled street fighter for some reason and it said it was a game on SNES....which it was, but it just glossed over its arcade age. 

It's done other dumb shit but I haven't dedicated it to memory...I hate it. It's stupid. I'm mad....this really could go in haters/complainers but I'm covering up another useless thread since you can't just delete shit here

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  • André Toulon changed the title to You know what, changing this

Nope. It lives in your stuff now and forever.

Bing also has an autobot that answers search questions while links load that may or may not apply. I should start keeping track of all the searches that it decided to answer 'I can't answer this at this time'. I do remember one of them was 'what is the anime where the muscle guy's shirt flies off every time he flexes'. 

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