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I don't know what it is about me and hospitals


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I don't know if i'm making a face that I don't realize, but people treat me like i'm a baby bird or something.

It could be a vaccine or a broken bone, they treat me the same.

I have never once complained or expressed concern.

I once set my own broken nose.

I'm not stressed.

What's with the kid gloves?


I just read this over and it's like i'm screaming, "why won't they treat me like shit!" :LithiumSmileyLaugh:

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Maybe because you don't complain, maybe you're very polite, maybe you're charming, maybe you're stoic, maybe a combination of all of these...


Or maybe you just look miserable and pathetic. ( I have a brother whose face relaxes into that long-suffering pathetic look. When we were kids, people used to give him free stuff just because they felt sorry for him.)

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