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Been binging these AS originals on HBO MAX

André Toulon

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Most of them are just meh, but definitely do their job of being entertaining enough to be background noise ....But in the mind numbed shuffle, I found Lazer Wulf....I love Lazer Wulf.

I really wanna like Bird Girl, but it brings nothing that Harvey brought to the table....not terrible, but I know when a lackluster show is just st riding it's predecessors coat tails....

Joe Piera ( however it's spelled) is better than most of their live action shit...but still just kinda drags...

Smiling friends is ok....my son like it for some reason ...

None of the others have really made me actually pay attention to them to have an opinion

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To do a quick re-visit of Birdgirl, the problem with it is they weren't able to use any of the old Hanna-Barbara characters that helped to anchor Harvey Birdman down. So many of the old characters were being redrawn for that Jellystone show that they were taken off the table for use in the actual show. It's really too bad that it wasn't greenlit when it was first under consideration, any characters they might have wanted to add to the mix would have been available at that time. 

That said, I don't have HBO Max so I can't really comment on what they are currently offering especially if I didn't watch it when it was on [ as ] originally. 

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