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"Welcome, Aozei-san" or "Go, Aozei-san," the anime that doesn't exist.


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I had this crazy dream last night about this anime that Toonami got, and wrote this all down when I woke up, before I forgot too much. 

It's about two scientists that fight in the real world to free users hypnotized and trapped by an online device.  So I guess it's kind of like a backwards SAO.  But I can't remember what the virtual world was like, but I guess it must have really enraptured the users, for them not to want to leave. 

One of the scientists is short and overweight, the other is tall and handsome.  I want to say he looked like Doctor Tenma from Monster or J from Blade Runner: Black Lotus (they look like kind of similar now that I think about it.)  This is Aozei-san (I don't even know if that's a valid Japanese name), who is introduced to this whole situation by the fat scientist (don't recall his name being given.) 

They gain superhuman powers by having tested the device.  Like superhuman strength and speed, and being able to teleport. 

The fat scientist uses superhuman strength to throw Aozei-san, and Aozei-san instinctively teleports a short distance to safety avoid the impact.  He's like wtf, and the fat scientist goes onto explain the situation.  You can totally see this as an "introduction to the world/special abilities" scene in an anime, right? 

And I guess this is the reason for the title, Aozei-san being thrust into all this.  But I don't think welcome or go could be possible alternate translations from the Japanese title of the show, nor are they quite synonyms in English.  But, I can definitely see this as one of those innocuous sounding anime titles that is actually about something crazy. 

But the two scientists are opposed by evil bounty hunters hired by the company that created the device, who want to keep the users trapped, because reasons.  I guess it makes the company money or something. 

For whatever reason, the bounty hunters dress like ancient samurai or ninja (the samurai that wore armor.)  The scientists just wore white lab coats.  I don't remember if the bounty hunters had special powers.  Maybe the idea was that the scientists needed the powers to fight these highly trained and experienced warriors, to even the playing field.  The company bosses maybe didn't even know that their device could give people super powers. 

The corruption of the evil tech company even goes so high that a "Premier Miemar" (I know THIS isn't a valid Japanese, doesn't even sound Japanese,) is shown giving orders to the bounty hunters in one scene.  Premier is like a president or prime minister, right?  But I'm pretty sure Japan doesn't have this position. 

I'm not sure the reason for the scientists' involvement.  I don't think they worked for the company, but that would make sense. Maybe they were part of a government safety review board or something.  I think they didn't get trapped because the device hadn't fully launched yet. 

The first episode focused on the scientists and the second episode focused on the bounty hunters.  I remember the bounty hunters had a competition amongst themselves of how many fights each of them had won, though I'm not really sure who they would've been fighting. 

I knew something was off, because when I turned on the TV in the hotel room (no idea why I was in a hotel, and I almost never stay in hotels,) it was before Toonami's usual start time, and I didn't remember leaving the channel tuned to Cartoon Network previously.  

I sometimes will change the channel on my DVR to what I am going to watch later, so in case I need to, I can rewind on my DVR, and I usually do this without turning on my TV.  Then before show time I'll turn on the TV early, usually muted, before the show I want to watch comes on.  If I'm late, or have to step away, I can rewind, since I already had it on the channel. 

So, not only did Toonami air two episodes of this anime to premiere it, they expanded earlier by an hour!  That's a big turnaround compared to the situation of the past few months! 

So, I guess I've been so starved of new content on Toonami, that my mind invented one for me to watch, hahaha.  I'm kind of sad that I woke up when I did and couldn't keep watching the show. :P

But hey, Toonami really DID announce a new show for this weekend, just like Demarco promised!  I am not big on the art style for this Made in Abyss show, going off the screenshots I have seen, but it is made by Kinema Citrus, who made the Village Bride short for Star Wars Visions, so maybe it will be good.

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Like Saki Sanobashi, Masked Warrior Lavithunder, and Kinky Kunoichi before it.

Fun dream your mind cooked up there, Ben. Seems interesting enough to be worth expanding on some more. As for the legitimacy of "Aozei" as a Japanese name, plenty of names in anime with kanji readings skew towards the unrealistic - most surnames in Japan were actually fabricated by the first ones to have them after the government allowed common citizens the right to surnames and not just the important people like nobility and the samurai class - so I don't see the issue with it. Maybe it could have a reading like "青世井" or something.

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On 1/17/2022 at 5:22 AM, 3ngag3 said:

We already have an anime that doesn't exist and it apparently aired on Toonami. No footage of it exists, yet people won't shut up about it when its brought up.

What show are you...

On 1/17/2022 at 6:02 AM, PokeNirvash said:


Oh! xD 

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