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Peacock adds the RetroCrush library to its service as everyone looks for anime to add on demand


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As its name implies, RetroCrush is a service focused on well, retro anime.  Stuff from the Discotek archives like the Fatal Fury OVA's and mecha anime from the 80s like Giant Gorg.  Even some Toonami vets like Ronin Warriors and Cyborg 009 are in there.

But this being picked up by NBC Peacock probably speaks to how everyone and their mother wants to have some Japanese cartoons on their service, even if it's older material like Blue Seed.  


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I guess this is what Peacock can scrounge up after Netflix and HBO Max ended up acquiring all the money makers.

Cromartie was their best acquisition, but Retrocrush has such a weird catalog of relics that I can only see older otaku giving it a whirl.

It’s more similar to the Hulu/Amazon route of having anime for the hell of it, as opposed to trying to promote it as a viable option for binge watching. 

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