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I guess they're still friends, post-Covid...


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6 minutes ago, scoobdog said:

Watterson is revered by just about every comic artist there is.  I think he's taken to the idea of cameos in other big name strips.

I've only seen him in Bloom County & Pearls Before Swine.  Are there others?

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2 hours ago, Virtual Satyr said:

Are we going to see an adult Calvin come to get Hobbes and say "Thanks, I need him now more than ever" or something along those lines?

The characters were alluding to "adult Calvin" is someone they recognize and is somehow involved in how messed up everything is currently.  I'm wondering if this all leads to Watterson bringing back the comic or handing the characters off to Breathed.  Meanwhile, Bill the Cat is supposed to be with Calvin, due to a trade of cats between Opus and Calvin.

Just hoping that Calvin isn't somehow involved with politics.  That would be a letdown.

Found the "swap" - 


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