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Dream I had/inspiration for story// Terry Crews Sex Workshop


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here are my notes (avoid if you gonna be a grammar nazi.. its just the fucking notes)

Terry Crews sits with men and helps them with sexual issues in their marriages. Husband says he doesnt have any issues except not giving his wife as much attention and being too engrossed with his work. He spends one session in group and then that nite he makes passionate love to his wife (fireplace, silk sheets - the works). He goes back to the group and asks Terry to mark him off a success and allow him to discontinue further sessions. Terry tells him its great he spent the nite focusing on his wfie but that he still has a lot of work to do. Husband is incredulous and impatient (he really just wants to go back to work but throw sex in the mix more often to keep his wife complacent). Terry doesnt want to do this but he skips ahead in his lesson plan and exposes all of the man's wifes true issues with their lovemaking.. going much deeper than the man expected. Terry tells him his wife's concerns are the following things:

1. He seems to have forgotten all about me as of late (wait theres more)

2. Hes losing touch with his sexuality (not as sexually playful or attentive)

3. Spends too many late nites up watching porn when he thinks im asleep and dont know what he's doing (I want to fullfil his fantasies and be the sole object of his desires)

4. Goes out flirting and talking about his issues with women in bars instead of discussing his issues with me. I can handle whatever is troubling him! I am here for him as well!

5. Hes amazing in bed but the sex is very formulaic .... like he doesnt cater to my specific needs. When he makes love to me he isnt making love to me but all the women he's accomodated in the past. Im tired of all the women being in the room with us when we are being intimate.

This list squashes all of the husband's desire to leave the workshop and embarrasses him

He crawls back to his wife, "was she really so unhappy? didnt she enjoy the night before?" she giggles and says "of course, it was amazing - we are definitely closer than we have been for several months, but i could tell you hadnt learned anything from the group because nothing had changed"

then i woke up. dont know where im going with this quite yet lol 

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