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Did I fizzle out in the 2000s or do I have a new age flame?


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I dunno.... while all the hot girls I wanted were on their 2 weeks flings I spent all of the mid double Os bulding... and building... and building... and now I'm on my YouTube swing (Elvis dance)! 

Yeah... well f them, I'll teach the legal age teens what should have been learned by those others ages ago, that I'm the alpha male in the equation, and I just stayed patient, to see their fake relationships become obsolete like paging. 

And here I am... 2019... been using the Tube since December of '05, account a few months later, and even though I have many a hater, the increased subscribers are making me look like a disciple maker. Is it ME or is it them? I need answers fam!! 💁‍♂️

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