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Richard Branson is livin'


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6 minutes ago, Zenigundam said:

He died like 15 years ago. And he's rolling over in his grave because Bruce Willis disrespected his legacy with a garbage Death Wish remake all to steal some 💵💵💵 from the working man.

you're thinking of Charles Bronson

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1 minute ago, Doom Metal Alchemist said:

I think big boob porn has ruined me, that girl looks WAY too skinny.

ofcourse she is....billionaires never fuck girls you fantasize about....it's one of the things that irks me 

I think it's a rule in the richer than god handbook or something....you can fuck all the sluts you want as long as they look like the life has been sucked out of them....

I can promise you one thing....I ever become a billionaire, my security will have standing orders to taze any super model that comes any where near me....

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