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Kitchen renovations


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I am preparing to "renovate", more along the lines of upgrade, my father's kitchen. I am moving the cooktop and its cabinet below to another area to create a peninsula and open up a space under the counter for a dishwasher. Cabinets get resurfaced, new counters and backsplash go in along with an undermount sink and a garbage disposer.


ANYWAY, there was this vent fan still in the wall, insalled when the house was built in 1954. I'm pretty sure the military built and installed the fucking thing. I was careful with it, as I will be using it in my garage which made the job take a little longer... and I have to remove decorative shutters and asbesdocide siding to remove the outside louver so I just kinda left it there for now. :D


But even with that fiasco it was fun, been a while since I got to renovate or upgrade a kitchen <_<

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