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Anticipated Books of 2017


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Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders


Known for his brevity, sharp humor, and ability to move between the strange and perhaps the all-too-real, Saunders' first novel Lincoln in the Bardo will be an exciting opportunity to see if a contemporary master of short fiction is able to work and innovate within a longer form.


The Original Ginny Moon, by Benjamin Ludwig


Knowing this author personally, and having had the opportunity to hear his book read aloud on numerous occasions, The Original Ginny Moon is an inaugural publications from the new imprint Park Row Books. Told from the perspective of an autistic child, its attention to voice is incredibly sharp, compelling and touching.


Difficult Women, by Roxane Gay


Though already released earlier this month, with two critically-acclaimed books released in the same years, Roxane Gay was catapulted into a much more public awareness through Bad Feminist, her novel An Untamed State, various articles with multiple news sources, and her daunting Twitter presence. Difficult Women is her first collection of short stories, which she's been compiling for years and years now.


Killing Commendatore, by Haruki Murakami


Though no English translation date is set, Murakami's new novel, split into two volumes titled Emerging Ideas and Moving Metaphor is nonetheless an anticipated release for me, especially since word about the plot has yet to be revealed!




What are yours? Tell me about them!

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