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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is now on the Toonami Marathon Stream!

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RAISE YOUR FLAGS!!! If you want to re-live last year's seminal return to U.S. TV of the Gundam franchise for the first time in 4 years, this week, the first week of 2017 (1/2-1/6/17), is your chance!


Episodes 11-15 will play from now through Wednesday at 6:30 PM (with Pre-Flight interspersed), most likely followed by 16-20 from Wednesday about 7:10 PM through Friday at 6:30 PM.


And if you would like to watch 21-25, they should be streaming free as well individually, with 25 as part of the upcoming weekend's Toonami stream, so get your Gundam on in preparation for the Toonami debut of Gundam Unicorn this Saturday night at 1 AM!



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#12 - "The Shoals"


In this episode, which I think was one of the best of the first half of the series, a second skirmish between Tekkadan and The Brewers is brewing, and the setting for the battle between two factions that consider themselves human debris? A field of space debris, of course!


Here are a few of its most stunning scenes!


tumblr_ocstj0Uu6b1rvb8cmo1_400.gif  tumblr_ocouiorYKE1rvb8cmo1_400.gif

tumblr_ocjfxdkkzd1rvb8cmo1_400.gif  tumblr_ocjfw9OL1N1rvb8cmo1_400.gif

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#13 - "Funeral Rites"


This episode basically picks up where the Shoals (#12) left off in the dynamic battle in space between the assholes who are controlling The Brewers and Tekkadan, and Akihiro's brother Masahiro's sacrifice.


tumblr_od50qq3ajU1rvb8cmo1_400.gif  tumblr_od6vbla7bC1rvb8cmo1_400.gif


But after that, the rest of it is pretty unremarkable political machinations, including the reveal that Dort is where Gjallarhorn will attempt to assassinate Kudelia, except, of course, for Mikazuki's surprise kissing Kudelia!



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I still love how straight out of nowhere that kiss was.


Only the confused mind of a messed-up orphan teenager who gives zero fucks!


Finishing off the current offering of episodes, it's #15 - "Trail Of Footprints"


In it, Tekkadan save Biscuit from a screwed-up decision by Atra to decoy herself for Kudelia's decision.




Trust me, they DO get smarter from here!

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Episode #12 played one last time right before 6:30, and in it I noticed something: Mikazuki abandons the spear-club thingy along with all the other space debris, and the final scene of season one depicts it one more time. I wonder if he picks it up on the way back to Mars and uses it again in Season 2?


But I digress. The stream has advanced to the latter half of the Dort arc and arrival on Earth in Episodes #16-#20!

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You might get another chance to see episodes #16 & #17 later this afternoon before 6:30 PM, but for now, Episode #18 is streaming for what most likely will be its last time.


In this episode, Atra decides she'd like to "do revolution", and Mikazuki goes all Edwin Mccain on both her and Kudelia:




He'll be her crying shoulder alright!

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So, how many actual Gundam Frames (not just "Grazes") were featured in Season 1, anyway? Does Gaelio pilot one of them?


Also, Gaelio was a "7 Star", a name which confuses the hell out of me. Is "7 Star" a title only, or does it mean that there are 7 of them? Carta Issue was one as well. Does this mean that at the end of Season 1, 2 of them are dead and there are 5 more left to go?


Kudelia blows her cover, and it's a cease fire until the next almost actionless episode, which we will get to see about half to 2/3 of on the stream!

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