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Jurassic World Evolution- a park-building sim


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Coming to PC and consoles summer 2018.


Looks like we're finally getting that successor to JPOG.


It'll probabaly be out before Prehistoric Kingdom or Mesozoica, and it's actually a Jurassic Park title.


When it rains it pours, amirite?




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first off....I love how the one guy gets eatin and then it's all " Eh...just another day" attitude ....second hasn't this been done before?


Yeah, JPOG came out in like 2003.


That was the last good Jurassic Park game, 15 years ago.


And they're making another one.


People have been trying for years to make a dinosaur zoo building game, but they all fell through or were just kickstarter scams (Jurassic Genetics is a prime example of this).


Recently, two separate fan projects (who've been at this for years) managed to get to a point where they could release demos (Prehistoric Kingdom, which strives for scientific accuracy, and Mesozoica, which just tries to look cool).


But now a AAA studio (the one that made motherfucking Planet Coaster, no less) is making an actual, licensed, Jurassic Park building sim.


This is the greatest news I've gotten in years.


Get hyped yo.

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