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Skywind/Skyblivion is gonna be a piece of shit


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That's your opinion.


I'm pretty excited for them, but then I enjoyed Skyrim immensely.


Not quite as much as Morrowind, but a lot more than Oblivion.





I really want to replay those old games and if they get ported into the Skyrim engine thats 100% fine by me.  I loved that game, loved the UI, really loved just about everything about it.



I hope I can mod them though. 

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I can't fucking wait for those mods. Loved Morrowind, still my first and favorite bethesda game. I lost probably a year and a half of my life to it at least.


I actually played it today, I have a decent emulator for it on my pc but to play it with an updated engine, graphics, and with voiced quests... that's something I would pay full price for, and its free... note I payed 20 dollars for skyrim on steam, and the same for fallout 4. I haven't spent 60 dollars on a new game since... ever. But I would to play skywind.


Skyblivion is looking good too, I have an emulator for oblivion but the controls are buggy, moreso than for morrowind.

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