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Southern Reach Trilogy (Annihilation, Authority, Acceptance)

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Anybody else reading these books?


I'm making my way through Annihilation right now, and it's incredible. I bought it on the number of recommendations I've received for it, and the fact that the plot reminds me of one of my favorite science fiction movies (Stalker). It's much more Lovecraftian than I expected, and for a book whose narrative voice is very inwardly-driven, there's some new action or revelation every few pages that keeps the book's pacing very fresh and engaging.

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It's a weird and wonderful experience of a book. I just sat down and finished the last 120 pages in one go. I'm impressed and intrigued by the delicate handling of what I do and don't know as a reader, and how that information creates an imbalance in labor for the writing's craft (in this case, the book really leans on voice/character to sustain its sense of cohesiveness in the face of the narrative's looming and remaining mysteries, and does so quite successfully).


Very jazzed for Authority now. That seems to be many of my friends' favorite.

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