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You ever play a game so much that you burn yourself out of it?


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I've been playing Friday the 13th The Game non-stop since May 26th, yeah it came out on my birthday, and when I got home from work toward the end of the school year, I would take my customary nap and wake up at like 9pm and start it up again, but now I'm so burned out from it. I'm at level 89, which is insanely high, and I've played over 800 matches in that game probably, but now I need at least a day or two off. Reminds me of my GTA: VC craze back in the day, playing it non-stop from release date until almost a year afterward, yeah you play other games in between, but when you have this kind of craze, it's like 90% of time spent on Game A, and then 5% spent on other games, and then the other 5% is real world shit like eating, sleeping, working, and whatnot, but yeah I'm glad I finally broke out of that trance. It's a pretty addictive game, not really a masterpiece or anything, but y'all know I love Friday the 13th and horror movies in general, so I like it a lot, needs some damn DLC, too bad the developer is some inky dinky start-up.

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When I was in high school I played Halo 2 and World of Warcraft so much that, during summer vacation, I was literally waking up, playing one of those games, maybe eating, and falling asleep to repeat the cycle everyday. During school semesters I was playing in the morning right until the bus arrived and from the time I got home until bedtime. Most of my conversations back then while at school were with other people playing those games and we talk about said games and nothing else.


Can't say that that's happened since then, though. Right place, right time kinda situation. I was a teenager and had to stop playing soccer because of multiple injuries to my feet that eventually led to surgeries. So I had all the time in the world to invest in games and as fate would have it, those two games came out the same year I was bed-ridden.

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