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  1. almost never waits for a response after saying bye on discord
  2. Bruh I've been trying off and on throughout this whole thing (and before it) and it fucking sucks. I've still been working full time and have an essential job that I can partially do remotely so I'm luckier than most but I fucking hate my job. I've found that I really like working remotely (before all this my job was like 95% in person), and am also still worried about, ya know, the pandemic. So I've been focusing a lot on trying to find something remote but like 75% of the "Remote" listings on Indeed are either not remote at all, require you to live in one specific state or city, or are only remote during Covid. I've applied to almost 50 jobs since last month and have only had any kind of follow up with 7 of them; 3 were just auto-rejects, the other 3 I didn't actually interview with but had a phone screen and turned down for various reasons. My greatest hope right now is an internal position I interview for a few weeks ago that I am woefully under-qualified for and feel like I totally flubbed the interview. They supposedly are going to follow up with me either way so the anxiety of waiting for that is killing me right now. Deadline for internal applicants was the 30th of October so hopefully they get back to me by the end of this week. Every time I get an e-mail I'm sure it's gonna be them letting me know that they went with someone more qualified.
  3. I'll pretend to be u and we can share that $75 when I get my next pap smear XD
  4. wait do u use the lysol disinfectant spray as air freshener
  5. Apparently there's a quizno's 35 minutes from my house. Have to take the turnpike to get there but hmmmmm
  6. You must be thinking of someone else then, sorry.
  7. Cau is 12 how could it have been her
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