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  1. so....i was passing them out. couple of my daughter's neighbors. well...one came by yesterday and bought 3. then i sold 3 more from someone that saw my daughters in the store. so.... i actually only have a few of the 7-12 left. quite a few of the 2-6. but i'll still give those away.
  2. i have no idea. i haven't been given a valid reason, and have since removed myself from the group(s) i sent a inquirty, couple months ago, but nothing back yet. also, i don't know why this post is pinned.
  3. all i'm saying, is that he didn't ride the back 3 rows.
  4. i think you all did a great job. takes a lot of balls to do these kinds of photos (not being a professional model) and yes...you rocked it.
  5. i had a cat many many years ago that climbed the stucco. i named him velcro.
  6. i don't have one. but i'm partial to 9mm, m9 beretta i learned with (as well as a hk45), but if i had to get one, i would like to try the browning. there's a few sidearms in the house, i've just never fired them. i prefer rifles though.
  7. along with the 789928 other people selling. nah... it's all good i'm going to donate them. i only spent about 40$ on material. i just have SOOO many of them. the school had to have 'solid color' but i never got any hits.
  8. i would also find out what the 2 private shelters 'wish lists' are. that will help with collecting the right items. good luck on your efforts.
  9. you'll be responsible for the gofundme i take it? human society will accept money. i know for a fact the private facilities will. what i would do is, once you've met your goal, set up a paypal to make the donations. (humane society will accept paypal) and i would contact the private facilities to see if they have paypal. are the private ones actual rescues, or way~stations to get the animals to rescues. (ours is a no kill temp holding facility), because they will absolutely need money for transports.
  10. #alive. just started it. will update in 1.4 hours. it's no 'train to busan', however, it was quirky, and had the elements of zombie movies. 7/10
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