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  1. To me the Rebuild fiasco was waiting a half hour at a con to see the movie dubbed because something screwy happened behind the scenes, all while being tired and succombing to food poisoning. THat's the only fiasco toward that movie I ever want.
  2. Re: Zero 2nd Season Confirmed

    I mean it was only a matter of time. Sweet blueberry role!
  3. The downside is that it won't be the original dub, which means this'll be the second time this anime franchise had a major dub actor replacement, the first one being the Rebuild films where a few characters' voices like Rei had to be replaced.
  4. Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 135: "This Day x And x This Moment" "Kono hi to Kono shunkan" コノヒ × ト × コノシュンカン Original airdate: June 25th, 2014 Toonami airdate: March 23th, 2019 ... last week, Hunter x Hunter wanted to remind you how humans are jerks! And it totally tied into the rest of the episode! Honest! It was totally not ill-placed and we TOTALLY wanted more horrible horrible news reminders on a Saturday night watching cartoons, after a full lifetime of misery and depression watching where the world is going!! Candy and lollipops yay! Okay I'm gonna go drink a lot now! What will happen next?? Find out on Toonami, at 2:30 AM EST!!!
  5. Didn't we justOOOH-HO-HO-HOH-HOOH RIIIGHT.
  6. Given my history with Bleach, you know I would be the happiest little thing on Earth is that were the case. It sounds like a massive fantasy, but hey, I used to think Toonami would never come back, so what do I know
  7. As I said a few days ago, the sub of Season 1 used to be a Hulu exclusive too, and then it turns out it was dubbed and Toonami could STILL get it!
  8. I hope it's anything like that from Crunchyroll like Gridman, Shield Hero, Slime, Goblin Slayer, or Psycho Pass. For Funimation, I hope they get Overlord.
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    The Promised Neverland 11