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  1. Chapter 11 Page 215 https://www.deviantart.com/gairon/art/BHTSY-11-215-837099894
  2. They wanted to dub the movie, but the virus put that on the shelf, so you can't very well blame that on them not liking it.
  3. Not only is it a holiday weekend next but two of the shows are wrapping up so it was also good timing. OR they shrank because they can't do as much working from home.
  4. https://www.deviantart.com/gairon/art/Yoko-nude-filter-1-836920997
  5. And yet they were able to dub at least the first 3 episodes of Fruits Basket 2019 Season 2, but I heard that was because those were originally prepared for a limited theatrical release that was called off. I do wonder just how hard it iS to produce an official dub from Funimation from everyone's home. From what i read on Twitter the actors don't seem to be doing this. It's only small mobile games or audio books.
  6. I do admit it's gonna be rough watching the second half of Fruits Basket today WITHOUT a simuldub.
  7. I am astounded at how many people in this country STILL don't practice social distancing! THIS is why other countries have actual lockdowns! This is why America is hated. Because we don't LISTEN!
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