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  1. I hope so. I haven't seen the original Shaman King.
  2. DeMarco could get an anime starring fuckin Dwayne Johnson and fail to mention him!
  3. I clearly haven't retained a lot from my last watch.
  4. ..... oh sorry... where're the aliens? What's all this about being political all of a sudden? .... I suppose it's better because I never really understood the aliens' motives in Season One anyway.
  5. K I misread store as "storm", and it got me really struggling to understand this for a full minute.
  6. Just to mention here, I been putting a few of my most popular deviations on a Gumroad account. It is NSFW, but you can just go to Gumroad and type in Gairon for the pieces there.
  7. Usually they're applied on the outside. I will never ever complain, baby.
  8. ... so there are 4 kingdoms named after the 4 suits on playing cards.
  9. So aer these filler eps gonna morph into a whole arc?
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