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  1. We have no idea when the anime will return so unfortunately we don't know enough to speculate.
  2. You are aware no actor is tied to one studio right? And even if I was wrong, I DID hear it somewhere!
  3. Wherever in that quote did i ever mention that this is Sentai?
  4. The next thing you'll tell me is Yuri Yowenthal can speak at least a FOURTH language!
  5. Dragonball Super 120 Lupin III Part V 6 Attack on Titan 58
  6. DeMarco tweeted that because of the tragedy, they held off on airing the Fire Force promo too, which was originally meant to air tonight.
  7. Tune in next week for Badly-Written "It's As If: The Anime".
  8. Oh and of COURSE they didn't give those two brother Italian accents.
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