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  1. I love diving into dub voice actors' own projects. Clint Bickman used to produce an OEL manga for Tokyopop before they cut its run short due to how Tokyopop wasn't easy to work with.
  2. Chapter 11 Page 205 https://www.deviantart.com/gairon/art/BHTSY-11-205-828452488
  3. I did finally see the Bleach live-action movie. It should be noted that even the Japan can adapt anime horribly too, like the two Attack on Titan movies.
  4. Cool that the last word in this thread's name isn't "show" then.
  5. ... Oh yeah. ... but I still stand by my earlier point that I was asking about ........... SHOWSSS. Not MOVIES.
  6. .... well that's odd considering this youtube channel is owned and run by Channel Frederator, a legit animation company likewise owned by a corporation.
  7. 1. that's not a series, that's a movie. 2. ........................ ... come on. Come on.....
  8. 1. that's not a series, that's a movie. 2. I havent' seen it, but i heard it's just so-so.
  9. Dr. Stone 20 Sword Art Online: War Of Underworld 2 Demon Slayer 13 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind 11
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