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  1. All Might is getting his own Nendoroid! Now Deku doesn't have to deal with that weirder-looking Funko Pop!
  2. elfie

    Nezuko Fan Club

    Here's a question. Then why are you in the Toonami folder?
  3. elfie

    Nezuko Fan Club

    ... Toonami is airing Demon Slayer.
  4. elfie


    On occasion we'd see the same commercial air twice on Toonami during a single commercial break. The one was particularly noticeable though.
  5. elfie

    Nezuko Fan Club

  6. elfie

    Nezuko Fan Club

    I'll probably replace the Weekly Nezuko Appreciation Posts with this thread if it ever takes off!
  7. Dude what if we all post defictionalized All Might news sites about how he has retired and how everyone's worried about the future of the world!
  8. elfie


    The Hot Pockets Character Fan Club Thread!
  9. I'm glad fan club threads are back, but we'll see just how much they remain relevant. Senku should be appearing in all the history books by this point!
  10. The lack of interest for fan club threads was the first big sign that the old AS boards were going down the tubes. No one was on the boards to actually LOVE what the boards were about, it was all about heckling and toxicity. Anyway https://unevenedge.com/topic/47115-nezuko-fan-club/
  11. The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War 1-4 The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival Of The Commandments 1-12
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