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  1. And here is my proof. Daos isn't being sarcastic! He REALLY BELIEVES THIS.
  2. If he hadn't accompanied that post with a video about it, I would've known it was sarcasm.
  3. Astra Lost In Space 12 How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift 12
  4. How the hell could you even so much as THINK to type that even after reading the previous two posts before it!?
  5. .... Dr. Stone, the third show in the line-up, actually INCREASED in viewership from Gen:LOCK!
  6. Like 90% of ALL Funimation voice actors appear in all Funimation shows. .... god, idiots.
  7. ... NEVER. Heard of this. Also on another topic, I never get my news from a Youtube channel run by one amateur creator.
  8. Didn't Toonami get damn Guillermo Del Toro to hold an interview with them that they edited and aired on cable TV?!?
  9. It WAS dubbed too. Too bad that wasn't in the Toonami deal.
  10. But if that were the case, I'm guaranteed not to see the finale because it would air at 3:30 AM.
  11. This makes people believe all the more that VRV is gonna die soon. There's really no more need to have them run shows you can just watch elsewhere.
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