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  1. So they're ripping up the sidewalk on my street to do srs bzns with the gas lines. Them orange & white foldy bois are everywhere, and the neighbor puts one in the street in front of his house where of course anyone can park and I usually do bc I live with someone and neither of us wants to block the other's car in if one of us needs to go somewhere suddenly. Whole lotta republican campaign signs on his yard, and he admitted he put it there because he doesn't want me parking in front of his house on public property that he blatantly broke the law to deny me access to. Okay I didn't legit fight him but I gave him a piece of my now 40something year old mind. Wow time flies. I was 29 for most of 2010, basically the tinychat days. I miss those days. Clickbaity title I know but oh well, no ragrets.
  2. I really almost got on here to post about how fascinating it is that most humans know how to use matches. I was lighting my "flowers" with matches that night, you see.
  3. Eminem gets into a car accident https://www.instagram.com/p/Cjy1dZ2JOxz/?hl=en
  4. I'm gonna say 2015 was Toledo, and Chicago was almost certainly in 2017 on my way to Minneapolis.
  5. It improves mine a lot too, it was crazy this one time on my way to Pittsburgh, the feds came and searched everybody's bags in Toledo. Friggin Amtrak police (also federal) were just out & about in the Chicago Union Station w/ K9s like it was a dog park when I was there.
  6. Toot toot mf https://www.railwayage.com/news/all-aboard-amtraks-mary-jane-limited/
  7. Maybe. Might take an irl meet & greet in NYC or SF or whatever but they're actually trans friendly af so yeah there's a chance actually. Also might have to pinky swear to play nice, and I'd pay dearly if you f--- it up. I've been..... living, and learning. Really just blown away by how my life is going, for both good and bad and right now I gotta say my life is very comfortable & quiet now. Just came back from a nice walk in small town Minnesota, an hour drive from Minneapolis/Saint Paul. I quit driving a truck back in July, hopefully for good. I have a mid sized 4 cylinder Chevy sedan still well enough under 100K miles that I can drive it wherever when the wanderlust strikes again. My license plates have butterflies and flowers and bumble bees on them.
  8. I been on oat milk for the past couple months now, and yeah plant milks also have a longer shelf life. For chocolate milk, cashew is the best, in my experience at least. That, and Ripple, which has pea protein, is mixed with other plant stuff and is pretty friggin good but they don't sell it everywhere. Sprouts and Kroger usually have it, seems to fly off the shelves at Safeway.
  9. I'm not, actually. Last run was in July, I'm trying to be done for good, again. Last time was in late 2019, and I was living in the UK when covid broke out. Back in the US now though, just left Detroit again in August and in Minnesota now.
  10. I think I dropped in once over the years, and yeah. The last decade has been one heck of a ride. Pretty sure I'm back for real now. So what's been up?
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