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  1. Count up the ludes, dude!!! Doin' Fuckin' Ludes!! https://youtu.be/N4alv8ibGKM
  2. No, wait, wait, wait, no facts, just light discussion, but here's a fact! I thought IKEA was a furniture store. I'm going to have to investigate this properly.
  3. Wait, wait, wait... Aldi? I shop there all the time and I didn't know they have good chocolate! I'm shocked! They used to have plastic pints similar to ones blueberries or cherry tomatoes come in, of delicious peanut butter cups, but they switched up brands and now they're awful, and the only other chocolate I have ever seen there is chocleur and its watery, like pastey, no crunch, no bite, no snap to it at all, and tastes strange. Comparing it to Belgium, nope no way.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paranormal_Activity:_Next_of_Kin Also thought if you didn't know about this already, it might be of interest.
  5. I bought The Unholy to add to my collection because anything I can rewatch a lot or leave on while I sleep is a huge relief when 90% of movies are just sifted through, with no reason. I bought Parasite/Memories of Murder double header which might still be on sale if you have Vudu. 1408 The Grudge 2020 The Conjuring 3 The Invisible Man and much more... all thumbs up. The Invisible Man was a favor for my so and I picked out the corny parts instinctively for a couple reasons, I think Cecilia Kass is very unattractive, but I have the same problem with Andrea Riseborough, its science fiction and thriller, not horror, and there's a couple plot holes. ...
  6. Uh? The person asking you what Aldi and chocolate have anything to do with each other.
  7. That should really drive some paranoia out of a really hilarious topic. I have Googled and learned that my pronunciation was incorrect for many years. Must have pulled at least a few chuckles along the way 🤣
  8. Let's just call me brainscour like I intended.
  9. I'm betting on a thick cover of lies hiding your awful reaction to chocleur? Or that weird slimy peanut butter in their nasty peanut butter cups? Something must be off? Based on my experience, that is.
  10. The correct pronunciation of "Analgesic," and post it here? I'm really too embarrassed to do it myself. What? It's not like the phonetics are printed on the bottle?
  11. 6ft is a milestone. It's not that she's laughing at your height, she's laughing that you're not taller, if you can distinguish that.
  12. Useful white sunglasses? No one will see anything at all. Or white paint sun screen? People walking around flashing each other, who can't see each other? There's no end to the possibilities! tsar4, you're a fucking genius!
  13. It said to me, you need to be valued to be worth it, when the truth was in order to be valuable, it needs to be valued. Like gratitude and appreciation going hand in hand, without feeling appreciated, it will not be grateful. Without gratitude, one will not receive the appreciation it deserves. It's like Simon didn't say, "Simon Says," and he just said, "Say thank you." Another common remedy will be for today. If you are already bad at it, don't drink alcohol before doing it. Especially on any kind of regular basis, because you already know those first few times were pure luck. Happy Birthday
  14. Officer: Do you remember, the 21st night of September? Suspect: *jazzes out funky dance moves*
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