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ITN: Kubo thanks his readers, discusses his illness


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:'( Poor Kubo has been sick this whole time since the 10th year of Bleach.  This is so sad.  How did he keep it together to do the Final Arc in such fun and crazy style (even more batshit insane and fun than One Piece, in my opinion) for the past 5 years?!  Kubo has literally read and kept every piece of fan mail he has ever received.  Oh man, I'm crying right now

I never knew.  We knew he was hospitalized and took a few breaks, but...


Kubo was inspired to press on and finish the series, write the final arc, by a mystery child with a terminal illness who first looked forward to the next day because of Bleach.  Kubo would like everyone to try to help him learn the identity of the child, whose letter was instructed to be delivered after his death, meaning he was already passed on when Kubo read the letter.


Good lord, not even Oda could write something that heartbreaking.


I think I have learned a few things from Bleach.  I'll discuss that later.  But, what do you guys think of this revelation?  And what has Bleach meant to you all these years?  What people did you meet and make friends with as a result of shared interest and love for Bleach?  How did Bleach change you, if at all?

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Yeah.  He must have been better at hiding it than some others, like Oda.  They really need to reform the labor laws in Japan.  These people shouldn't be working year round with almost no "off-season", and long hours, barely any vacation.


Did you hear about the kid yet?

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