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Blood of Zeus is not very good


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I’ve said in some other places, that Americans don’t really trust Americans with adult action cartoons.  We know now thanks to empirical data from streaming services people like the damn things, but for the most part, if an American studio makes it, and it’s not based on a video game license (Seis Manos wouldn’t have flopped if it was a Final Fight or Streets of Rage show), the viewing public is going to go “Ehhh...” and pass.  And let’s be frank, can you really blame them?  Blood of Zeus was pretty stock, cliche, and boring.  The violence was interesting but the general meat of the plot couldn’t hold it all together.

Someone throw more licenses at Powerhouse so they can make something non-craptacular.  I mean, I guess they are doing Splinter Cell.  Maybe they can try this again now that Roar is dead -


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